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Rotary Club Ascot stages successful Medical Camp in Sri Lanka | The Rotary Club of Ascot, in conjunction with the Rotary Club of Jaffna staged a successful free Medical Camp in Vali North, Jaffna, Sri Lanka. The Ascot Rotary Club has arranged for a team of 4 Doctors, 2 qualified Nurses and a Pharmacist to set up a one day Medical Camp on Sunday 17th July 2016, where the local population turned out by the Hundreds. The team had brought with them a large quantity of basic Medicines, such as Paracetamol, Antibiotics and Bandages etc. Minor injuries were being dealt with on the spot and plenty of Medicines levitra were being dispensed, together with Milk Formulae for Women with Babies and small children. All of this was handed out free of charge, sponsored and financed by the Rotary Club of Ascot, and gratefully accepted by the local Members of the Public.

Due to the great success of this first Medical Camp, further Camps are being planned for later this year in different villages in war torn Sri Lanka. The Rotary Club of Ascot will be planning a number of fundraising events to finance the next such Medical Camp. For further information, contact

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The children of St Francis School  Catholic Primary School in South Ascot ended their time at the school by solving the theft at Magpie Manor.

The year six children premiered their production of “The Mystery of Magpie Manor” at the Rose Theatre, St Mary’s School, and were very excited at their transformation into the upstairs downstairs of the 1930’s. Guests at the manor included Albert Einstein, Charlie Chaplin, Winston Churchill and the great Agatha Christie who ultimately solved the mystery.

One of the characters summed it up nicely by stating “He spied, was tried and nearly died, then he nicked the loot, tried to scoot but now the brute has got the boot”.

Class teacher and director Lindsey Waller said, “The children have really risen to the challenge of this complex production. There were dastardly acts, Charleston dancers and romance and the children were able to transform themselves on stage. Their confidence has grown  and will stand them in good stead as they make the transition to secondary school in September.”

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 On Saturday, 2nd July, boys from Year 3 at Papplewick School, Ascot,  took part in a World War II Activity Day. The boys dressed up as soldiers, sailors, pilots, spies and evacuees. There was a prize for the best costume, which was awarded to two boys who dressed up as pilots and their aeroplanes; one was a Spitfire and the other a Messerschmitt 109.

The activities included code-breaking, singing songs such as 'Run, Rabbit, Run', learning how to speak in RAF slang such as 'Tally Ho!' and recognising Battle of Britain aeroplanes from their silhouettes. 


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Pictured: House Captains with their Cheques and Miss Bee Tregoning - the House Co-ordinator

It has been another amazing year of fundraising for the House System at Charters School.

Each year, the New Year 7 students are allocated Houses which they stay in throughout their life at the school. Churchill, Armstrong, Pankhurst & Nightingale then compete against each other in House Competitions throughout the year, raising money for their chosen charities.

This year has been the most successful so far with over £16,000 raised for the following charities: Churchill Bulldogs supported Dogs For Good and raised £4078;  Armstrong Eagles supported Sebastian’s Action Trust and raised £5304;

Pankhurst Panthers supported The Jane Metson Foundation and raised £3488; Nightingale Knights supported Help For Heroes and raised £3578

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On Friday 28th July, at a glittering awards ceremony, NVSDD was announced as the Overall Category Winner (200+ students) in the prestigious Dance School of the Year Awards 2017! Having won a Gold Award in the 2016 awards, I never imagined that we would win again, let alone do better this year....and we have! SO PROUD! Thank you Anne Walker MBE and the judges Angela Rippon CBE, Paul Haigney & Francesca Filpi ARAD - we are extremely honoured that NVSDD has won another award and been recognised amongst so many other great schools from across the UK and Europe.
A MASSIVE THANK YOU to all NVSDD and Envy Performing Arts teachers, assistants, students and parents for their support in making NVSDD an award winning Performing Arts School in our 25th Anniversary year.
Very best wishes

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On 18th and 19th July, Year 8 students at Charters School in Sunningdale were given the opportunity to perform in a Gamelan orchestra, using traditional Indonesian instruments.

All Students in Year 8, as part of the Music curriculum, were provided with the opportunity to listen to and perform music within the orchestra - mostly made up of gongs, chimes, and metallophones. The instruments are played sitting on the floor, and it is respectful to remove shoes before starting to play.

Mike Simpson, Musical Director at Inspire Works delivered a two day workshop to the Year 8 pupils using the Gamelan Orchestra instruments, teaching them the basics of the Indonesian music.

Year 8 pupil James Finch said, “It was fun playing the instruments and very interesting hearing about the Indonesian traditions.”

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A Planning application has been submitted for a new pavilion with changing facilities, at Victory Fields, Sunninghill - a structure which would be cleverly built into the hillsaide. For more information, go to   Consultation concludes on July 12th.

The proposed pavilion has the potential to create a vibrant hub to support and encourage functions with the park and in turn have a profound positive impact on the quality of life of the local community. This is the justification for the exception of allowing a new building in the Green Belt.  A decision is expected by August 8th.