The swing toward this kind of remote working, seen during the first half of this decade, has switched back as business leaders place more value on person-to-person collaboration. Getting hired from your ‘desk for hire’ is a hard sell. If they’d like you to work on a project in-house a few days a week how would you approach that meeting? 

The hot desk

Hot-desking improves collaboration between employees, particularly with new and part-time hires by facilitating interactions and socialization. Alternately, the desk for hire is often occupied by a freelancer or outsourced employee wishing to work remotely. The question for businesses is how do we include this person in connecting to the brand, culture and character of our organization? Can we invite them to work in house on a hot desk? Are we set up for this? 

Reality check

If you believe brand is a company’s lifeblood, this type of business goal seems to conflict, at first, with current findings. Flexible working experts Timewise tell us how much flexible working matters, with illuminating statistics to back it up. Did you know 63% of full time employees surveyed already work flexibly? The figure rises to 89% who’d like to, with 89% of the self-employed working this way. 

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