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Rotary Club of Ascot | Charity Golf Day | Hole in One |

Click on the photo to expand it. Sunningdale Ascot :: Aircraft Noise

 Pictured: Rotary Club President Alan Rawlinson (left) with the winning team (members as above).  Steven green, who scored the hole-in-one, on the right

Hole in one at Charity Golf Day | Steven Green, competing at the Rotary Club of Ascot Charity Golf Day last week achieved the golfing rarity of a hole-in-one.  Traditionally any player who is in this happy position buys a round of drinks, but Steve instead wrote a cheque to the Charity fund, helping to swell the profits to finish close to £10,000.

The event took place at the Mill Ride Golf Club, Ascot, and 14 teams gathered for the traditional bacon butty that precedes the competition before setting out on what turned out to be a brilliant day for golf.  Not just having to pit their skills against the course, the players were also set 'nearest the pin' and 'hit the green' challenges.

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Heathrow Expansion | Trial Flightpaths | Public Meetings | September 20th & 24th

Public meetings to hear Heathrow’s plans for noise compensation | Residents are being advised to attend public consultation events to hear Heathrow Airport’s plans for noise compensation should it get the go-ahead for a third runway which the Royal Borough is opposed to.

As well as being an opportunity to hear how Heathrow would offer compensation, it will give residents the chance to challenge these plans and help shape Heathrow’s consultation.

 The meetings are taking place on:

  • Saturday 20 September: 10am to 4pm – Datchet Village Hall, 3 Allen Way, Datchet Village, SL3 9HR
  • Wednesday 24 September: 2 to 9pm – Old Windsor Day Centre, 27B Straight Road, Old Windsor, SL4 2RW.

Cllr George Bathurst, chairman of the aviation forum and cabinet member for policy and performance, said: “We do not consider the current noise climate to be acceptable for residents and we have consistently requested that Heathrow addresses that.

“If the third runway is approved, the noise levels for our residents will increase and cause them further problems.

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Super Sunningdale Area Carnival 2014

CLICK  for Carnival Facebook page Click to Enlarge Photos  Sunningdale Area Carnival :: September 2014

A very successful Sunningdale Area Carnival was held  on Sunday 14th September at the Broomhall Recreation Ground, Broomhall Lane, Sunningdale . 

The carnival, which had a special Heroes theme, had may attractions for all the family,  including a raffle with prizes such as afternoon tea or dinner at Coworth Park, great music by Jagz and the Egham Brass Band.  funfair swings and Haunted House, a traditional Punch n Judy Show,  a car display by Sytner Sunningdale,  lots to eat and drink including Lewis’ prizewinning sausages and fishfinger sandwiches!

Top silhouette artist – Charles Burns mingled with the crowds, providing 2-minute, free silhouettes.

For more information visit www.sunningdaleareacarnival.co.uk

Sunningdale Area Carnival :: Music by Jagz

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Murder is Announced | Poirot Plays Marple!

 Quince Players Sunninghill :: Cordes Hall Sunninghill Ascot    Quince Players Sunninghill :: Cordes Hall Sunninghill Ascot The  Quince Players will perform Murder is Announced at the Cordes Hall, King's Road, Sunninghill, from September 11th - 13th and from September 18th to 20th. For more information visit http://www.quinceplayers.com/     01344 874200

Click on the poster to enlarge it

For the first time in history Miss Marple will be played by a chap! Indeed the same chap who played Hercule Poirot in the Quince Players production of Black Coffee by Agatha Christie back in September 2012. Huw Mordecai was awarded Best Actor (runner up) at the National Operatic & Dramatic Association Awards for his portrayal of the Belgian sleuth following the hugely successful QP show two years ago.

A Murder is Announced is another Christie mystery, familiar to many, but director Ken Long’s unique choice of a man playing this very familiar character is an ingenious idea. Huw says “learning to knit was one of the challenges I faced, but learning to sit with ones knees together was a much greater challenge, I even resorted to tying my knees together for a couple of rehearsals!”. Allison Sharpe, who is playing Miss Blacklock says “once on stage I completely forget Marple is in fact a chap, he’s very convincing even without a wig!”

The September production by the Quince Players is always a great way to transition from outdoor sunny evenings to more autumnal pursuits and this year the cast of A Murder is Announced will not fail to delight audiences as this classic mystery unfolds.

Show Dates 11th -13th & 18th-20th September (Matinee on 20th)

Box Office open at Sapphire Estates , Sunninghill High Street or book online  at www.quinceplayers.com or on 01344 874200

or at www.quinceplayers.com or on 01344 874200


Charters School | Presentation Evening | 2014


Click on the photo to enlarge it  Presentation Evening 2014 :: Charters School Sunningdale  

Charters School held its annual Presentation Evening on Thursday 11 September 2014.  At the event, ex-Charters student and Shakespearean and TV actress, Helen Schlesinger, was the Guest of Honour.  As well as speaking about her memories of her time at Charters prior to studying English at Oxford University which led her to pursue her successful acting career, Helen presented awards and trophies to last year’s Sixth Form students for their outstanding contribution to the Sixth Form, as well as for excellent academic and personal achievement.

Mr Martyn Parker, Co-Headteacher said, “This was a lovely evening because the students whose A-Level and BTEC examination results we celebrated, had really made the most of their time at Charters.  Not only did they fulfil their considerable academic potential, but they were great models for the qualities and values of Unity, Respect and Excellence that we strive to instil in the young people at Charters”.

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Heathrow | Trial Flight Paths | Summary of Councillors' Action To Date

CLICK ON THIS LINK to see ONLINE PETITION against the new flightpaths, calling an immediate halt to the trial.  E-Mail This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or 0800 344 844.

Click on the map to expand it. Sunningdale Ascot :: Aircraft Noise   Ascot & Sunnings Councillors have been swamped with complaints about intrusive aircraft noise over previously peaceful homes - thanks to a trial of new Heathrow flight paths. Below is a summary of action, meetings, links and how to make your voice heard (above the roar of the planes).  Bracknell Forest Councillors are also on the case.  RBWM Cllr Lynda Yong writes:

  • A motion calling for the trials to be stopped will be discussed at the RBWM Council meeting on Tuesday 23rd September.

  • A public meeting is being arranged at a local venue by Cllr David Hilton (Ascot and Cheapside) with senior Heathrow staff invited. We expect this meeting to be held next month and hope as many residents as possible will attend to express their view about these trials.

  • Details of the current trial were confirmed to the Council on 17 August 2014 and the trial is planned to run from 25 August 2014 to 26 January 2015

  • The trials are part of the Civil Aviation Authority's Future Airspace Strategy www.caa.co.uk/default.aspx?catid=2408&pagetype=90) which is being conducted in association with NATS (National Air Traffic Services). The CAA and NATS are responsible for approving trials and it is regrettable that the Royal Borough, other councils, local residents and others affected by the trials were not (and are not required to be) consulted.

  • Heathrow Ltd have told the Council they will report the results of the trials to the CAA, NATS and central Government in 2016 when there will be a public consultation and any proposals for redesigning Heathrow airspace finalised.

Cllr Lynda Yong writes: "I and my colleague councillors consider it completely unacceptable for a peaceful community like ours to be suddenly affected by aircraft noise in this way and particularly without any prior public consultation. We do not understand why a trial has to be for 5 months rather than 5 weeks or 5 days and we support the 3,100 people who have so far signed the petition calling for the current trials to be stopped.

Details on the WideNoise project: http://www.rbwm.gov.uk/web/news_14313_aircraft_noise_widenoise.htm

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Heathrow | Trial Flight Paths Over AscotMatters Area

Click on the map to expand it. Sunningdale Ascot :: Aircraft Noise After the first week of new flight paths out of Heathrow, some residents in the AscotMatters area fear Sundays may never be the same again -  with plane noise interrupting garden conversations every few minutes .

A trial of new flight routes from Heathrow  took place back in June. There is now another trial scheduled running from 25th August  until 26th January 2015CLICK ON THIS LINK to see ONLINE PETITION against the new flightpaths, calling an immediate halt to the trial.

There are six new routes, three of which will track over our area, compared with one currently.

One of the new routes tracks southwest over Cheapside, another tracks west of the racecourse at which point it turns south, and the third tracks south west over Sunningdale to Lightwater before turning south. The current flight path goes over the eastern/northeastern corner of our NP area. The map ( see left)  .

By the time aircraft are in our area they are at 3000 feet or higher.  There is no information about the frequency of departures on these routes but one resident measured the gap between disturbances on Sunday afternoon as  little as 1 minute 36 seconds and frequently -  2 minutes . As can be seen on the map, the planes are often at a height of only 3,000 feet.

The purpose of these trials is to reduce the intervals between take-offs by using more departure routes and routes which diverge more significantly from each other than the current ones. This would enable Heathrow to accommodate more departures while meeting the requisite safety criteria and is being presented as being part of the Civil Aviation Authority Future Airspace Strategy.

If any individuals or groups wish to comment or complain we suggest you contact HACAN ClearSkies, a “campaigning organisation for those under the Heathrow flightpath”, at hacan.org.uk or Heathrow Airport action website: heathrowairport.com/noise.

You can also email the department that deals with noise complaints at Heathrow: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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Heathrow | Trial Flight Paths | Conservative Councillors Call on Residents to Speak Out

Click on the map to expand it. Sunningdale Ascot :: Aircraft Noise   Ascot Councillors urge residents to speak up against noisy flight plan changes

Conservative Councillors in Ascot and the surrounding areas have urged residents to speak up against Heathrow’s changes to their flight plans which have resulted in hugely increased noise levels.

On the day the Davies Airport Commission reported interim findings that keep Heathrow expansion firmly on the table, Councillors in Ascot have urged residents to make their views about the airport’s recent changes to flightpaths affecting their area known.

Cllr Lynda Yong (Con, Sunninghill & South Ascot) said: “These changes came unannounced by Heathrow. The number of complaints I have received over the last few days as a result of the noise has been more than I have received in the entire twelve years I have been elected.

“Residents are extremely upset and my advice to them is to let Heathrow know directly about their concerns. I will be working with fellow councillors to see what the Council can also do in response to Heathrow’s actions.”

Details on the WideNoise project: http://www.rbwm.gov.uk/web/news_14313_aircraft_noise_widenoise.htm

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Murder is Announced | Box Office Open

 Quince Players Sunninghill :: Cordes Hall Sunninghill Ascot    Quince Players Sunninghill :: Cordes Hall Sunninghill Ascot The  Quince Players will perform Murder is Announced at the Cordes Hall, King's Road, Sunninghill, from September 11th - 13th and from September 18th to 20th. For more information visit http://www.quinceplayers.com/     01344 874200

Click on the poster to enlarge it

A Murder is Announced
In this play of intrigue it is Miss Marple who unravels the puzzle regarding not one but two deaths at the house of Ms Blacklock. She and her eclectic collection of ‘house guests’ are all investigated in turn by Inspector Craddock but of course it is Marple herself who finally reveals the truth.
The Quince Players are delighted to announce that their President Ms Lin Blakely has recently been cast in the BBC soap, EastEnders. Lin plays Pam Crocker the Undertakers wife who also runs a flower stall in the newly expanded Bridge Street Market. It has been a pleasure to watch Lin appear in such a well-loved show we hope her time at EastEnders will be a long and happy part of her already successful acting career. Show Dates 11th -13th & 18th-20th September (Matinee on 20th)
Box Office open at Sapphire Estates from 16th August
or at www.quinceplayers.com or on 01344 874200


Carol Peace Sculptures in the Gardens at Coworth Park

 Click on the images to enlarge it  Coworth Park Hotel :: Carol Peace Red Ribbon   Dining at Coworth Park Hotel can be now be followed by a stroll around the Carol Peace sculpture exhibition, artfully distributed throughout the beautiful Coworth gardens.

Figurative sculpture is currently attracting a strong following as an accessible and sustaining artform. Carol's sculptures have been described as 'wonderfully sensitive and as ' appealing to our empathy and understanding of the human predicament'.

She studied sculpture at Winchester School of Art and drawing at The Prince’s Drawing School. She has obtained numerous commissions- both public and private and solo shows- in London, Athens, Zurich, France, Spain and Holland. In 2007 she co-founded the Bristol Drawing School and was the artistic director for four years.

Carol launched the exhibition with a a short talk and champagne reception in the garden, on September 9th.  The exhibition will run until June 2015. For exhibition enquiries contact Alan Klucklow Fine Art on This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it   01344 875296.  Click on 'Read article' to see more photographs.

Coworth Park Hotel :: Carol Peace Possibly

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Charters School | Freshers Fair | 2014

Click on the photo to enlarge it Freshers Fair 2014 :: Charters School Sunningdale Pictured, L to R:  Year 7 pupils interested in the Film Club with Year 9 Students

All of the new 240 year 7 pupils were invited to attend a Freshers Fair where the Charters School Extra Curriculum Clubs advertised the exciting variety of activities on offer.  Alongside the obvious PE and Sports clubs were the less obvious, such as, fencing, kick boxing, and squash.  In addition, we had Creative Writing, Debating, Gardening, Photography, Science, Music, Chess, Film Club, News & Views and also the Railway Club amongst many many others.

Mr John Walker, Head of Year 7 said, “ I know there are a lot of keen sportsmen and women coming in to Year 7 and I am sure lots of them will be able to develop their skills in the coming months and years in our school teams and sports clubs. We also have a great many keen musicians, artists and actors, and with the wide range of clubs we offer I am sure they will be able to follow their interests once lessons are over for the day.

All the pupils had a fantastic time and were spoiled for choice with the clubs available.  Most children signed up for at least 3 clubs and were very excited to be at Charters School.

Year 7 pupil, Taylor Arnold said, “I think I will enjoy the Photography Club and I can’t believe how many good clubs we have at Charters.”

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Donate Your Greenredeem Points for Local Projects

Local projects set to further benefit from Greenredeem | Changes are being introduced to the Royal Borough’s Greenredeem scheme to ensure that residents have a wider choice of projects to vote for and local groups have a greater chance of gaining funding.

Since the launch of the Greenredeem scheme in December 2013, 21of the 24 projects entered have successfully secured funding through point donation.

Even with this impressive take-up, because of the high level of resident engagement with the project, the Royal Borough wants to ensure that its residents have sufficient choice over where to donate their recycling points and that projects have enough time to ensure they can reach the 200,000 point target to receive the funds.

Changes to the scheme include:

  • An extended choice of projects available to residents by including both annual and quarterly borough grants to the Greenredeem list. This can be seen at www.greenredeem.co.uk/ under the donations page.
  • Originally, a clause of the scheme required the exclusion of projects that had not reached the total target within the first six months of entering the scheme. This has now been replaced with a threshold target where projects are only removed if they have not reached 140,000 points in the first six-month period, with the remaining six months to reach the full 200,000 point target.

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Martha Hanging On In Great British Bake Off

Click on the photo to enlarge it Great British Bake Off :: Charters Sunningdale Pictured:  Martha Collison age 17 - Charters School Year 13

Martha is again through to the next round of the gripping Great British Bake Off, despite running out of time with her showstopping eclairs this week.  But she was third in the Technical Challenge and Kate was the one to be sent home  - with Luis and Chetna saving themselves with great showstopping eclairs.   Martha has been steady all the way through, with triumphs such as the  tiramisu cake and poached pear. Her steady and mature performance is impressing everyone.

Charters School was delighted that Martha Collison, a Year 13 student (and a Head Girl this year), was selected as one of the contestants in this year’s Great British Bake Off. Martha sailed through the first month of this Summer's Great British Bake Off. 

It is a magnificent achievement for Martha, who has been passionate about baking since she was young, to be selected out of the thousands of people who applied from across the UK.  She has been juggling filming for the show over the last few months with being in school and taking her AS exams – a remarkable achievement in itself.  The school described Martha  as ' an exceptional young woman and a model student'.  She has recently been chosen to be one of the Head Girls.

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Charters School | GCSE Joy 2014

Click on the photo to enlarge it GCSE Results 2014 :: Charters School Sunningdale Pictured, L to R:  Matt Davies, Pen Papworth, Mital Patel, Tom Robson, Georgia Ling, Arran Paul, Farhan Husein

Charters School pupils and staff have achieved another record breaking set of GCSE results this year with 240 students completing their exams.

240 students completed GCSEs

Overall 99.6% of students achieved 5 or more A* - E grades

Overall 84.2% achieved 5 or more A* - C

Overall 80% achieved 5 or more A* - C (including English and Maths)


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Red Bull Air Race | Ascot Racecourse

Click on the photos to enlarge  Ascot Racecourse :: Red Bull Flying Race   Ascot Racecourse :: Red Bull Flying Race

The Red Bull Air  Race was held at Ascot Racecourse on August 16th and 17th 2014

racing ascot

red bull air race ascot


Ascot Business Park | Quick Start Work Stations Near Station

Ascot Business Park,  Ascot's first, modern business park - a prestigious development totalling 100, 000 square feet- presents a rare chance for companies to purchase their own premises as well as renting on short term flexible leases and includes 9 high quality, self contained offices in Queen’s Square, 9 industrial units and studio workshops (Industrial Units and Studios all currently occupied (September 2014); some office space available in Queen's Square).  Contact Campbell Gordon on 0118 959 7555 or Savills on 0207 499 8644

ascot business park

QuickStart Work Stations

No 1 Queen's Square, the first building at At the prestigious  Ascot Business Park (ABP) (next to Ascot Station), offers the perfect solution for local business entrepreneurs who have outgrown the garden room/ study spare bedroom. If  you have outgrown the home office but are not yet sure how much further the business will grow, or simply need professional premises and all that a serviced office can offer, the QuickStart work stations  at ABP could be just for you.

Work Stations are offered on a License basis (one month's notice either way). Rental is £355 per workstation per month . A workstation comprises a desk, chair, desk cabinet. Data costs £50 per month (dedicated fibre connection). Phones can be rented at £10.95 per handset and you can take you phone number with you. Cleaning costs £15 if desired.

Ascot Business Park has been built to a very high standard, with many sustainable features), attractive landscaping, generous parking, nearby catering facilities, all 2 minutes from Ascot Station (50 minutes to Waterloo; 20 minutes to Reading). The QuickStart area, on the ground floor of Queens Square 1, is a very pleasant working environment - fully air conditioned, with a small kitchenette area, a prestigious reception , pleasant toilets and shower.

One Quick Start Room (offering 4 workstations; five at a push) is currently available. For more information contact Vanessa in the Marketing Suite on 01344 875409 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

high spec offices ascot station


Ascot Inner Wheel Supports DASH

Click on Ascot Inner Wheel for more  Ascot Inner Wheel :: DASH    Pictured: L to R: Stephanie Hynard with chain - incoming President of Ascot Inner Wheel, Val Wetherell- outgoing President.

Ascot Inner Wheel send children to the seaside!| Ascot Inner Wheel recently hosted a very successful Alfresco lunch, raising £1000 in support of The Dash Charity (Domestic abuse stops here) at Mill Ride Golf Club, Ascot.  Elaine Temple from the charity, said “At present we have 20 children and 15 parents in refuge, many of whom have never had a holiday or even a day at the seaside.  This wonderful gift will be used to hire a coach, provide packed lunch and provide some spending money to buy ice cream, buckets and spades.  Loss of funding in 2012 has made such treats impossible but this donation from Ascot Inner Wheel has made dreams come true! ”

The event, hosted by Stephanie Hynard preceded her official inception as the incoming president of Ascot Inner Wheel Club.  Shortly after receiving her chain of office from the outgoing president, Val Wetherell, Stephanie thanked club members and their friends from the local community for their overwhelming generosity.  If you are interested in learning more about this ladies group please visit their website www.rotaryascot.org/aiw

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University of Third Age at Ascot Retirement Fair

(Pictured: Maurice Alston, Vice-Chairman for BFU3A)   Click on the photo to enlarge it U3A :: Ascot Retirement Fair 2014

Once again Bracknell Forest University of the Third Age (BFU3A) had a very successful day at the Retirement Fair held at the Ascot Racecourse on Wednesday 20 August. We had several members who spent the day welcoming prospective members to the stand and explaining activities the BFU3A have to offer for the semi-retired/retired. This year the Ascot Retirement Fair had a total of 175 stands an increase on last year's 159 with 1550 visitors, so clearly this event is gaining popularity.  Everyone had a fantastic day and BFU3A are now looking forward to welcoming some new faces.  www.bracknellu3a.org.uk


Ascot Area Neighbourhood Watch Newsletter | August 2014

The August Ascot, Sunningdale and Sunninghill Neighbourood Watch Newsletter  is packed with information on recently caught burglars, e-scams  local crime rates, news of the Ascot Police Station refurbishment and news of future meetings and much more 

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Ascot Weather | Today | Hour by Hour

ascot weather forecast

Ascot | Hourly Weather Forecast

1100 1200 1300 1400 1500
19° 19° 20° 21° 22°

Pink and Brown Gifts | Sunninghill | New Look !

Pink and Brown gift shop, sunninghill

 Pink & Brown :: Sunninghill Gifts

Pink & Brown :: Sunninghill Gifts

Pink & Brown 13 High Street, Sunninghill, Berkshire, SL5 9NQ 01344 624456 07530918431 www.pinkandbrown.co.uk  has had a makeover for Summer 2014 .  Lots of new lovely stuff in stock !

As an independent retailer in a small community we recognise that without the support of our customers we would not be here; nor would any of the local businesses - customer service is key! We know our customers and what they like and want. We try to deliver on a daily basis and we see 2014 as an exciting prospect to keep delighting our customers with lots of lovely stuff.

pink and brown  gift shops sunninghill


Charters School | A Level Success 2014

Click on the photo to enlarge it A Level Results 2014 :: Charters School Sunningdale Pictured:  Mr Richard Pilgrim, Co-Headteacher,  with A Level students

Mr Richard Pilgrim, Co-Headteacher, said, "Once again our students have done themselves proud.  We are particularly pleased with the increase in the number of top grades which is bucking the national trend.  Congratulations to all our students and we wish them well on the next stage of their careers.”

A Level Headline Figures:







 Number of A Level students: 198

 Ms Olimpia Morrison, Director of Sixth Form said "Congratulations to all our Year 13 students.  52% of entries were graded A*, A or B and 78% achieved A*- C. It is always pleasing when students' hardwork is rewarded and the excellent grades have resulted in a very large number of students being accepted on to their first choice of university.  A significant number will be going on to Russell Group universities and this year three students are going to oxford and one to Cambridge.

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Garden in Bloom Winners | Ascot & Sunnings

AHS :: Summer Show   The following have won the RBWM  Garden in Bloom competition: Congratulations . Everyone is grateful for the brightening up of Ascot and the Sunnings.

Mr & Mrs Malcolm Brown at 71 Geffers Ride, Ascot,   

Mike & Judy Rimmell, The Hollies, Broomhall Lane   

A Marino, 85 Upper Village Road

Runners Up were : Roger Crunden at 36 Sutherland Chase Ascot ,            Bill Mead, 40 Coworth Close , Sunningdale and                     Sharmi Weick at no 10 The Terrace , Sunninghill


Ascot | Cont-horse-tionist at Shergar Cup



Key Facts

  • 10 = number of acrobats to make the human racehorse
  • 5 = number of hours for hair and make up
  • 7 = number of hours to create the figure
  • 6ft = final height of the horse

To celebrate the World’s premier international jockeys’ competition, the upcoming Dubai Duty Free Shergar Cup, a giant racehorse cleverly created out of contortionists, has been unveiled today at Ascot Racecourse.

Painted in elaborate body art, the 6ft figure is made up of 10 contortionists and it took seven hours to create the striking image of a racehorse ridden by German jockey, Stefanie Hofer passing the winning post at the famous racecourse. Hofer will be making her debut at the Dubai Duty Free Shergar Cup this year as part of The Girls team, alongside Canadian, Emma-Jayne Wilson and Brit, Hayley Turner.

Ascot Racecourse enlisted a team of talented contortionists courtesy of Scarlett Entertainment, and used make-up artists, Civilised Mess, to transform the human bodies using detailed animal artwork. It took the make-up artists five hours of intricate work to fully complete the body paintwork. Civilised Mess has previously created designs for Cirque Le Soir and Slamboree.

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