Thames Hospice  


Charity’s front line staff continue to care for families in crisis

Thames Hospice has launched an urgent fundraising appeal to help fund the significant increase in demand of its community and inpatient services during the coronavirus pandemic.  However, with its shops closed and many fundraising activities on hold for the foreseeable future, the Hospice is set to lose over £1million of income over the next few months.

Right now, the Hospice is currently supporting local NHS Trusts by caring for vulnerable Covid-19 patients on its Inpatient Unit in Windsor. These people were in hospital but are now in need of the end-of-life care that only a Hospice can provide. The doctors and nurses are doing everything they can to make patients as comfortable as possible and that families can be with their loved one when they are seriously ill until the very last moment.


Today Thames Hospice is asking its community to support the appeal and help raise the additional funds for the extra equipment that it desperately needs to safely care for patients in the face of this crisis.



Waste and recycling collections moving to fortnightly during COVID19

From Monday 6th April RBWM will be moving to fortnightly waste & recycling collections, following staff reductions due to the Corona COVID19 Virus outbreak. 

This means from Monday 6th April 2020 general waste (black bin) will be collected one week and recycling (blue bin) will be collected the following week but food waste collections will continue to be collected weekly. Your collection date will remain the same. 

Those in properties where the bins are communal will continue to have all their waste and recycling collected weekly. 

Easter Bank Holiday bin collections

Due to the Easter Bank Holiday, waste and recycling collection days will change slightly from Friday 10 April.

This means from Friday 10th April your collection will take place one day later than normal. For example if your waste is normally collected on a Friday for this week and next it will be collected on a Saturday (this is the same as every other bank holiday).

The graphic shown provides an easy guide to see when your collection will be.

Don’t forget to check which bin you need to put out as part of our move to alternate weekly waste and recycling collections here

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 sebastians action trust

During the Corona Covid 19 Crisis, local charity, Sebastian's Action Trust, is supporting families in need by appealing for donations of food or baby supplies - which you might like to add to your shopping list and drop off at a collection point while out on your daily exercise!

Suggested items include toilet roll,  Hand soap, Washing up liquid, Baked beans, Soup,  Pasta & Sauce,  Rice, Jam or some form or preserve, Veg or fruit in tin – sweetcorn / chilli beans, Cereal, T-Bags, Coffee, Biscuits, Nappies (size 3 and 5 & 6), Baby wipes,  Formula milk. This is the main list but any NON PERISHABLE items would be great.

For details of your nearest collection point, e-mail describing roughly where you exercise.   






AGG Good Neighbours


AGG Good Neighbours is an offshoot of the ever-popular local Facebook group, Ascot Gossip Girls, and was set up almost a month ago, in response to the threat of Covid-19.  It was quickly realised that we would have many people living in this area who, having been told they needed to stay at home, might feel isolated, terrified and lonely.  It was also understood that the official channels would be highly unlikely to be able to put anything in place very quickly, so it would be up to us to help our neighbours where we could.

The idea of the group is very simple:

  • join here:
  • check the spreadsheet of roads to see which ones near you are still available
  • let the group Admin know which road(s) you are adopting so you can be added
  • drop flyers through all of your neighbour’s doors, offering assistance where needed
  • help your neighbours to stay home & stay safe

And that’s it.  The aim is to cover the whole of Ascot & The Sunnings, but with everyone staying local to home to avoid any unnecessary journeys.  We are almost there, but would love more members to join, volunteer and make an immediate, direct difference to many local people’s lives.  Although you will only be expected to help your neighbours, the group is also there for support and back-up, should it be needed.

If you are currently self-isolating due to age or health and would like help with shopping, medicine collections etc,  then please get in touch and we will be able to help – 07785 774711.

Ashford and St Peter’s Hospitals’ partner with BMI Runnymede and Nuffield Health Woking to ensure Trust is prepared to meet COVID demand

Over the past few weeks, much has been seen and heard about communities, businesses and local organisations all coming together to help and support one another-the ethos of ‘we’re all in this together’ has never been more prevalent.

During this challenging time, Ashford and St Peter’s Hospitals’ has had to radically change how they function operationally. Wards and entire departments have been transformed to provide additional capacity and so that they are better equipped to meet demand, and treat the most seriously ill patients.

This has been a huge task but the determination and support shown by the team and local healthcare partners to facilitate these moves has been outstanding. The Trust wishes to extend their thanks to local independent hospitals’ BMI Runnymede and Nuffield Health Woking, who have given space within their sites over to Ashford and St Peter’s to enable patient care to continue and to prepare for the anticipated increase in admissions.

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Pictured Above: Andrew Hodge celebrates his birthday back at home

COVID-19 patient Andrew Hodge thanks staff at St Peter’s Hospital for helping him recover | COVID-19 patient Andrew Hodge has paid tribute to the ‘phenomenal and attentive’ team at St Peter’s Hospital, Chertsey, who treated him during his 10-day admission. 

Andrew, 54, an electrical engineer, experienced high quality care in the Emergency Department, Acute Medical Unit, Aspen Ward and Intensive Care and wants people to know that being ventilated for COVID-19  ‘is not game over’. He said: “I don’t want to dilute the seriousness of it, but I want people to realise they can survive this. There is so much negative communication about how many people have died, as opposed to how many have survived.”

Andrew spent six days in ICU in an induced coma before returning to Aspen Ward. He was discharged on Friday 27 March and is now recovering at home in Laleham, near Staines, with wife Dawn and their daughters Isabella, 17, and Genevieve, 11.

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RBWM is pleased to announce that green waste collections have resumed today. Collections will be made from April 6th, for those on week one and week two will be collected next week. Any missed collections to your subscription so you won't miss out.