Whilst on  a recent  unplanned visit to Perth in Western Australia, Ascot residents John and Philippa Mills, visited one of the local attractions -The Bell Tower in the harbour . This was a millennium commemoration project built to house the recently replaced 12 bells from St Martins in the Fields in Trafalgar Square, to mark the Bicentennial of the founding of Australia in 1788. A further 6 bells were added and these, named The Swan Bells after the adjacent river, can now all be rung as part of a unique visitor experience.

However the greatest surprise on entering the reception area was to see on display the Ascot Racecourse Grandstand clock which had been purchased at auction for  £10,000. On an upper floor the set of bells which used to sound around Ascot are displayed and they are soon to be rehung and connected to the clock to chime once more. 

When the 1960's Racecourse  Grandstand was redeveloped, from September 2004 - 2006,  Ascot hunted for a local venue where the famouse tower clock could be re-housed, but its size made this difficult. But now it seems the clock is greatly appreciated down under !  This has not been widely known (till now !); hence the very peasant suprise for Mr and Mrs Mills ! But perhaps it's appropriate that the clock should exchange its old Racecourse for Perth:- Perth racecourse is located in a district named Ascot !

Pictured Above: The Bell Tower Museum, Perth. W. Australia