On Monday, April 29th, Year 4 boys from Papplewick  School, Ascot, signed up to the Roman Army and started their training at Fishbourne Palace, near Chichester in West Sussex.

The new recruits have two years of training ahead of them and are required to commit to the Army for 25 years. They will be paid one sestertius (an ancient silver Roman coin) per day, and they are only able to leave if they lose a limb.

The boys’ initial drill required them to march in formation and to charge. They tasted a typical Roman meal of bread, cheese, olives, pickled carrots and dried apple, and learned to write their names in Latin.

 Headmaster Tom Bunbury said: “The boys always enjoy this visit; it really brings Roman culture to life.”

 Fishbourne is the site of an excavated Roman Palace, with remains of incredible mosaic floors, ruins of the Palace's baths and beautiful gardens

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The results of the Fernbank Road , Apollo News Post Office consultation have been announced and the Apollo News Post Office will move to Warren Row, where it will be a retail counter.




Pictured:  Papplewick Year 7 boys about to go on the high slide at the Olympic Park


Year 7 boys from Papplewick School, Ascot, took the day out of lessons to visit the Olympic Park and learn first-hand about their sustainable and eco-friendly development.

The day consisted of a visit to the Energy Centre Information Room and a tour of the Olympic Site and East village. The boys were considering the transport options and redevelopment to decide whether the area was as sustainable as the legacy suggested.

“Of course no geography field trip would be complete without an energetic activity,” headmaster Tom Bunbury said. “The Olympic Park’s 76m-high slide, called the ArcelorMittal Orbit (designed by sculptor Anesh Kapoor and Cecil Balmond) provided just that. The longest and tallest tunnel slide in the world was great fun and the ice creams afterwards were a perfect end to the day.”

Pictured:  Papplewick Year 7 boys about to go on the high slide at the Olympic Park.

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A cheque presentation ceremony was held in the Members' Lounge at Sunningdale Heath Golf Club, on Tuesday May 14th. Last year's Captains, Ann Devetta and Les Beard, presented a volunteer  from the Woking and Sam Beare Hospices, with a cheque for £5,000 - thanks to money raised by the Captains' Charities over the past year. 

The volunteer said that the charity is extremely grateful for this large donation, as they rely on charitable fundraising to do their vital work. Notwithstanding such generous support, they have recently had to request donations from patients in order to balance the books.  The Hospice - 80% of whose services he said, are provided in the patients' own homes, with a further 20% being for in-patients, provides support for those with life limiting illnesses and their families.  Over 360,000 people live in the area which benefits from the Hospice .

Sunningdale Heath Golf Club (Home of Sunningdale Ladies) , Cross Road, Sunningdale 

Telephone: 01344 620507 | Email: |   Website




The current Ascot and Sunnings traffic chaos is an opportunity to find alternative routes which will reveal the charms of High Streets other than the main roads, says Colin Keating of Sapphire Estates.

Pictured Above: Charming, Victorian Sunninghill High Street

Travelling around the Ascot area recently has been chaos. To say there are road works everywhere sounds like a bit of an exaggeration. But really there are - road works everywhere. It seems we must grin and bear it, while a cable is laid from Ascot substation to the new Longcross development.

The main problem is Ascot High Street. Recently, it was reduced to one lane, controlled by three- way traffic lights. A journey of half a mile to Ascot railway station could take forty minutes. People queued and fumed, and got very frustrated. Other roadworks compounded the problem.  And now Station Hill is closed altogether for a week, funnelling all the traffic down an already congested and accident-prone Ascot High Street and through traffic-calmed Sunninghill High Street ( though to be fair, official diversion notices lead traffic on down Blacknest Road). This could all be a taste of things to come-  if and when the massive housing developments in Ascot High Street and elsewhere start!

But what always puzzles me is this: There is another way!

Ascot Racecourse is basically a triangle. Three roads outline this triangle so you can treat it as a huge roundabout if you like. Then there are all the other roads that will ultimately get you around. I feel like asking; have you found 'New Mile Road' to Cheapside? Onwards to Windsor, Sunninghill and Dale, or the reverse.

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Ascot Dance School | 2019 Spring Show 

At the end of March, the Cordes Hall saw 65 pupils, aged from 3 to 15, and 4 adults of the Vanessa Gardner Academy of Dance perform their beautiful interpretation of the Nutcracker ballet: Nutcracker, Clara’s Dream, Fritz’s Nightmare! From tap dancing soldiers, to modern dance evil forest creatures and the classical ballet Waltz of the Flowers, the dancers of all ages performed with enthusiasm and pride. The audience were enchanted by the story of Clara, her naughty brother Fritz and the magical Nutcracker. Proceeds from the sale of show programmes, totalling £218.67, were donated to Marie Curie.

  Principal Vanessa Gardner said: "I'm so proud of everyone who performed, they delivered a beautiful and incredibly professional performance. I was so lucky to see them all dancing with such joy.”

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Pictured Above: The InHealth and Ashford and St Peter’s Cardiology Team celebrate

Ashford and St Peter’s Hospitals and InHealth celebrate 20th anniversary of Cardiac Catheter Laboratory Service

April 1st saw the 20th anniversary of the InHealth Cardiac Catheter Laboratory Service at St Peter's Hospital which was celebrated by staff and patients. 20 years ago, invasive cardiology procedures were not common practice in district hospitals, and there were many questions asked by commissioners about the need and safety of these types of procedures. After a successful presentation, it was agreed that St Peter’s Hospital in Chertsey would be the first invasive cardiology centre in Surrey.

The service has developed and progressed over the years from a ground-breaking first joint partnership, from providing coronary angioplasty and simple pacing procedures to the expansive facility we have today - an all-inclusive, purpose built catheterisation suite encompassing a 10-bedded day ward and two fully equipped catheter laboratories with direct 24/7 ambulance access for heart attack patients. The InHealth Cardiac team is supported by Ashford St Peter’s Cardiac Physiologists and Cardiologists to deliver a seamless multidisciplinary team service.

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