The current Ascot and Sunnings traffic chaos is an opportunity to find alternative routes which will reveal the charms of High Streets other than the main roads, says Colin Keating of Sapphire Estates.

Pictured Above: Charming, Victorian Sunninghill High Street

Travelling around the Ascot area recently has been chaos. To say there are road works everywhere sounds like a bit of an exaggeration. But really there are - road works everywhere. It seems we must grin and bear it, while a cable is laid from Ascot substation to the new Longcross development.

The main problem is Ascot High Street. Recently, it was reduced to one lane, controlled by three- way traffic lights. A journey of half a mile to Ascot railway station could take forty minutes. People queued and fumed, and got very frustrated. Other roadworks compounded the problem.  And now Station Hill is closed altogether for a week, funnelling all the traffic down an already congested and accident-prone Ascot High Street and through traffic-calmed Sunninghill High Street ( though to be fair, official diversion notices lead traffic on down Blacknest Road). This could all be a taste of things to come-  if and when the massive housing developments in Ascot High Street and elsewhere start!

But what always puzzles me is this: There is another way!

Ascot Racecourse is basically a triangle. Three roads outline this triangle so you can treat it as a huge roundabout if you like. Then there are all the other roads that will ultimately get you around. I feel like asking; have you found 'New Mile Road' to Cheapside? Onwards to Windsor, Sunninghill and Dale, or the reverse.

Or Winkfield Road to Forest Road and North Ascot. Onwards in the Bracknell direction, or a quick detour back to the M3.

Then it dawns on me, perhaps you need to be 'a local' to have this knowledge. When you live with Royal Ascot Races every June for decades, then you have to learn.

Which makes me realise people are missing out. If they just follow the main road everywhere how can the be expected to know the area at all. Have you found the 'backwaters' of Sunninghill village with three lovely pubs  and that winding little road that takes you directly to South Ascot and the Station.

Ever explored the 'Old Village' of Sunningdale, or do you just drive through the commercial bit on the A30 with all the other traffic.

If Woodside is described as a 'Hamlet' what's it like. Why is Cheapside so popular. Can Sunninghill High Street really rival Ascot High Street for shops?

At the time of writing the Royal Ascot Race Meeting is three months away. The road works will be gone but the chaos will return. So before the main roads become gridlocked again there is an opportunity explore. Be smart and find the clever route. It might be five minutes longer but will save you hours in the end.

And take a moment to look around. Enjoy! Why do you think so many people like to live here?    

NOTE: Sapphire Estates sell and let houses in all the places mentioned above!