Pictured Above: RBWM Town Crier Cuts the Ribbon and Declares Victory Field Pavilion Open

The RBWM Town Crier  formally opened the newly refurbished Victory Field Pavilion in Sunninghill  (SEE ARTICLE) on Saturday 23rd February. 

Pictured Above:  President, June Martin,  Receives Cheque for Ascot District Day Centre

Pictured Above: Town Crier Presents Cheque to Annie and Julie for Sebastian's Action Trust 

Ten local community groups  received handsome cheques from Sunninghill and Ascot Parish Council, who had nearly £10,000 to award, thanks mainly to the hugely successful 2018 Sunninghill Victorian Street Fayre.

The Street Fayre produced £7,500 and the Council is adding £1,750 from the Parish Council Grant Allocation.  Councillors approved all this year’s applications for grants, covering diverse projects - from disabled toilets at Sunningdale Bowling Club, to hammocks for the newly- formed Explorers unit at the Sunnningdale Scout group.

The largest grant went to Ascot & District Day Centre (life President, Mrs June Martin pictured above), which has provided home from home care for Ascot and the Sunnings elderly residents, for 40 years.   Many members are collected daily by the Centre’s mini buses. A hot meal, refreshments, activities and a number of personal care services, are provided and greatly enjoyed by Centre users. The Council cash will help with running costs.


Sunninghill’s Cordes Hall  also received a cheque and will continue essential repairs to the outside of the building and a new kitchen, says Cordes Hall Committee Chairman, Jane Richardson (pictured below).

Pictured Above: Town Crier Presents Cheque to Jane Richardson, Vanessa Cummings and Janet Campbell for the Cordes Hall

The Royal Ascot Cricket Club (RACC), is a thriving group with 170 junior and 50 senior members. It will now receive help with much-needed modernisation of their club house, in the middle of Ascot Racecourse .


Pictured Above: Town Crier Presents Cheque to Mark Wigget - Chairman, Royal Ascot Cricket Club (RACC)

Pictured Above: Town Crier Presents Cheque to Melanie Trapnell for Thames Hospice 

Melanie thanked the Parish Council, adding that the cash would be used immediately to by pressure-relieving chairs.

Pictured Above: Town Crier Presents Cheque to Christian Leigh and the New Scouts Explorers 

Christian, who leads the recently-formed Explorers (CLICK HERE for more info), says that the money will be used to buy hammocks, to enable light camping.

The Windsor Homeless Project has also been awarded money towards on-going costs.

Pictured Above: Town Crier Presents Cheque to Representative of Windsor Homeless
Berks County FC (formerly Sunninghill Saints) requested a contribution towards upgrading the access and car park to accommodate football parking at Litman’s Archery Club, at the former Hurst Lodge School site.


Pictured Above: Town Crier Presents Cheque to Representative of Berks FC

The Windsor Horse Rangers, who educate children about all aspects of horse care and riding, will use the Parish money to help replace a tack room and tractor shed with a new building.


Pictured Above: Town Crier Presents Cheque to Representative of Windsor Horse Rangers

Sunningdale Bowling Club, which has well-used premises in Whitmore Lane, is over 100 years old and also needs to refurbish the clubhouse toilets and provide disabled facilities.  Their grant will help achieve this.

Pictured Above: Town Crier Presents Cheque to Representative of Sunningdale Bowling Club 

CLICK HERE to see description of upgrade to the Pavilion.


Pictured Above & Below . New Victory Field Pavilion

The 2018 Victorian Street Fayre, organised by Sunninghill & Ascot Parish Council,  raised this money from stalls, entertainments and donations. Organisers would also like to thank the sponsors, who have greatly enhanced the charitable funds available: This year’s main sponsors are Ascot Racecourse, Chapmans Ironmongers, Inspirations Gifts, Shorts Group,  the Sunninghill Trust,  as well as ‘Sponsors’ – British Industrial Truck Association,  Character Cars, Coworth Park Hotel, Dreamcatcher Childcare,  Lynwood Village, Osborne Heath,  Quince Players, The Stock Exchange, T J Gardiner Electrical and Waitrose Sunningdale.

The Street Fayre will return to Sunninghill in 2020 on Sunday 22nd November