The Berkshire Multiple Sclerosis Society has much to offer sufferers from the disease. For more information visit or call 0118 901 6000




Public Health England has launched the next phase of the Better Health - Every Mind Matters campaign, providing tips and advice to help parents and carers support children and young people's mental wellbeing. To find out more visit Better Health or for a range of resources to support children and young people's wellbeing visit the Bracknell Forest PH Portal.

The Bracknell Forest Domestic Support Service, charges £9 per hour and can be contacted on 01344 383516 or 07518 749889 or e-mail

Befriending phone service

Bracknell Forest  friendly staff are available over the phone Monday to Saturday, 10am to 4pm, for a chat about books or any enquiries.

We are happy to help with a variety of enquiries, including:

  • library book renewals
  • digital access
  • lockdown delivery service
  • membership
  • reading suggestions
  • or if you just need a chat - we are always here for you

 You can call the following libraries:

  • Bracknell Library - 01344 423149 (Monday to Saturday, except Wednesday)
  • Binfield Library - 01344 306663 (Thursday, Friday afternoon, 2.30-4pm, and Saturday only).
  • Crowthorne Library - 01344 776431 (Monday, Wednesday and Saturday only)
  • Sandhurst Library - 01252 870161 (Tuesday, Thursday and Friday only)
  • Whitegrove Library - 01344 424211 (Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday only)

The Bracknell Open Learning Centre Facebook page continues to grow and it’s here that you can receive updates, news and useful information about the centre and Community Learning courses.  There is also a new Bracknell Open Learning Centre Family Learning Resources Group linked to this page and this private group has been set up to enable sharing of learning resources with families.  If you are interested in keeping up to date with news from the Open Learning Centre and Community Learning please visit and give us a like!  If you would like to join our Family Learning Resources Group and access teaching materials and interesting ideas to keep your child occupied this summer, please go to the main page as listed above and look for the Family Learning Resource Group and send us a request to join.

Read more: Bracknell Open Learning Centre | Family Resources Group