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The Cranbourne Amateur Dramatic Society   TICKETS at www.cadsact.org.uk/tickets    or 01344 884498

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The Cranbourne Amateur Dramatic Society   To book online - go to the website www.cadsact.org.uk   Box Office 01344 884498

Email the Director at warwick.grigg+dadsarmy@gmail.com 

The Cranbourne Amateur Dramatic Society -CADS -  will hold a pre audition readthrough for Dads Army (to be performed in October 2022) on Monday June 6th with Auditions on June 8th 2022


A collage of favourite Dad’s Army scenes selected by their original authors Jimmy Perry and David Croft.
Enlist in our brave but bungling Home Guard in Walmington-on-Sea. U Boats washing up on our shores, a gender inclusive Mum’s Army, a romantic but enigmatic Brief Encounter, a naughty Lady Godiva, with music to gladden indomitable hearts!
We’ll be true to the spirit of the original characters people know and love, with some new twists to surprise and delight our audience. We’ll be bringing the audience into our action scenes.
Let me know please if you can play a musical instrument or sing confidently as we will be including one or more musical pieces, hopefully with a sing along expressing indomitable spirit.
Don’t feel you need to be a replica of the original actor. Indeed, any of the parts could be played by any race. CADS welcomes auditionees from Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic
For more information and audition pieces, please email the  director at  warwick.grigg+dadsarmy@gmail.com   cadsact.org.uk 

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www.oceantheatre.com    email info@oceantheatre.com to register for a free taster session.

 Ocean Theatre 

APRIL 22nd to 24th - MY FAIR LADY

Ocean Theatre, has opened the waiting list for their Autumn show - the Addams Family, in October 2022. Apply now !


DONATE HERE  to help with fundraising efforts for My Fair Lady


 OCEAN YOUTH for 9-13 year olds

Saturdays 10am - 11:30am  during term time in  Ascot, Berkshire

These 90 minute sessions explore the magic and the excitement of theatre with acting, drama, games, fun and performing. 

SARAH FORD, experienced stage and TV actress leads the fun filled drama classes.

We’re all about developing confident, collaborative and creative young people.

A great way to try out some theatre, have fun, make new friends and learn new skills. Leading to a showing of work on the main stage at LVS.

Plus all participants will be invited to the Dress rehearsal of the current show.

email info@oceantheatre.com to register for a free taster session.


The postponed Allo Allo will finally be performed the Quince Players at the Cordes Hall, Kings Road, Sunninghill,  from May 5th to 7th and from 12th to 14th May 2022

Facebook page  https://www.facebook.com/QuincePlayers

For more information, visit the websitewww.quinceplayers.com 

The Quince Players Amateur Dramatics Group, an active drama society based in Sunninghill , near Ascot.  

 www.spotlightsmtg.co.uk       BOOK HERE AT TICKETSOURCE


Spotlights 2022 !

Spotlights Musical Theatre Group  will perform will hold two Taster Session Evenings in July, and two in September, at the Cordes Hall , King's Road, Sunninghill 2022

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windelsham drama groupThe Windlesham Drama Group always welcomes new members.  If you are interested in acting, stage work, front- of- house or just being social, come along to the Windlesham Club and Theatre, Kennel Lane, Windlesham,  Surrey, GU20 6AA. For further information, please telephone 01276 474092 www.windleshamdramagroup.com

The Windlesham Drama Group was formed back in 1977 for the purpose of staging amateur dramatic productions and also to enjoy theatre trips and other social activities.

The group meets at Windlesham Club and Theatre on Thursday evenings from 8.15pm onwards.

New members are always welcome, whether as budding actors / actresses, social or to provide support behind the scenes.

Membership open to anyone 16 and over interested in amateur dramatics.

There are normally 3 productions a year, starting with a pantomime in January and followed by two plays, one in May and the second in October.

  Windlesham  :: Amateur Drama