The short answer is - 'Poster Advertising' is very easy and amazingly good value! : Just send us a flier or image, along with any words and contacts/websites you want to appear. We'll upload very quickly and send you back a hidden page  to check it's OK . When you're happy, we'll send invoice for £20 flat fee (payable by BACS or PayPal)......For a more comprehensive Package of benefits......


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 Think Ahead! Time on Your Hands? Review your AscotMatters listing . Enjoy 12 months in CLUBS & GROUPS or the Full Package with a side box on all the main pages for £3 per week. We do all the set up for you. E-mail 

Thank you for enquiring about advertising on AscotMatters. There is a range of advertising types on AscotMatters - to suit all budgets!!  E-mail:

Just e-mail your advert (or advertising requirements) to  We will upload it and when you are happy with it, choose the number of weeks ( between 6 and 26) . To pay we can invoice you (with BACS/cheque details) or you can use PayPal - see below.


Posters are designed to advertise one -off events on the MAIN EVENTS/What's On page  or to list something like a yoga class or art course, for one year, in the CLUBS & GROUPS section eg Exercise & Relaxation  This costs a flat fee of £20 - however long it appears  - so you are welcome to send us details of your event or club as early as possible. This gives search engines time to pick up the page.

So, if you run a group or are holding a profit - making event in the area, just e-mail us your poster or flier (any file-type except Publisher) and we will display it , with hyperlinks to your website/ e-mail, fully tagged. When you're happy with the listing, we'll e-mail an invoice for £20 (Charitable events go free!)



Number of Posters




For more comprehensive advertising, Advertising is offered as a package, which includes:

  • Either a SIDE BOX ADVERT (192 pixels wide) (from £3pw) or a  PAGE-TOP SLIDING BANNER (£12pw) . Both are linked to your website and   appear on all the main pages
  • Plus a  page of your own on AscotMatters , SEO’d up to attract Google etc .,with keywords, links, anchors and metatags etc  eg AD PAGE EXAMPLE
  • Plus any press releases you may have, on the COMMUNITY page
  • Plus listing of any open days & date-specific events you may have, on the MAIN EVENTS /Whats On Page
  • Plus an introduction to the AscotMatters subscribers in weekly e-mail, on our Facebook and in AscotMatters Tweet (@ThelmaH )
  • Plus Hits and searches report at the advert’s end



The sliding banner at the top of  the MAIN EVENTS page is eyecatching and in one of the best viewed positions on the website.  There will be up to four banners in this slot at any one time.  Display is random so your advert could be 1st,2nd, 3rd or 4th to appear.  Your banner is hyperlinked to your website. Just send us suitable graphics for us to resize to (815 x 250 pixels). E-mail

Cost: £12 per week - minimum 4 weeks  ++++

What's On Page Banner Options




Box adverts are part of an advertising package.  This includes a box advert on the MAIN EVENTS pages, hyperlinked to your website,   a dedicated page on AscotMatters  (ideal bonus for those who don't have their own website and where readers are taken when using  search engines). A box advert also entitles you to a listing in the DIRECTORY/Advertisers (popular with Google) and free listings in the MAIN EVENTS list. Your advert will also be introduced to readers in the next available, weekly e-mail to subscribers.


 Standard Box Adverts (below the top four)

A standard box advert on the MAIN EVENTS pages page costs £3 per week (minimum six weeks). Select from the options below for 6, 12 or 26 weeks .  E-mail or call 07989 227021 for more details. Prices quoted in PayPal options are for 6 weeks


Number of Weeks

Special Box Adverts (One of the Top Four, LHS or RHS)

The box adverts at the top of the Events pages get huge exposure as they appear next to every search engine destination, so these cost from £8 - £5pw.  E-mail or call 07989 227021 for more details. To pay, select from one of the options below.


Box Position


Design and Set Up

To set up an advert is quick and easy and requires no technical expertise - though ability to send e-mails is an advantage. The function of the box advert is to catch the readers' eye while browsing the articles/listing so should be bold and eye-catching. They are hyperlinked so there is no need to include all the information. We will put together design options, which you can review until you are happy with the result. Set up can cost as little as little as £10, especially if you have a logo already.  Alternatively, our in -house graphic designer can prepare a box advert from £25 on a see-before- you- buy basis.   All the preparation and negotiation is done by us - just describe what must be included  in your box advert and your brand image - e-mail


BUSINESS LINKS (in page footer)
AscotMatters receives 10,000 to 16,000 page views a month and the Business Links appear at the foot of every page. There is currently space in our Business Links section in the footer of the Home and each Search  page (£4 per week)  . Advertising in this way, also entitles the business to a page of their own on AscotMatters ( to attract search engines). Click on the EXAMPLE
Number of Weeks


For more information about all advertising, contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  or call 01344 626431






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