Sunninghill and Ascot Parish Council runs the Langdale Drive play area for young children, in the middle of Blythewood, Ascot. The playground can be accessed from Langdale Drive and from Jones Corner off Prince Andrew Way in North Ascot (along a woodland path which runs alongside the Blackmoor Stream). Facilities include play builder’ structures for 8 to 12 year olds and well as toddler equipment.  For more information call 01344 630141

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Sunninghill and Ascot Parish Council runs a brand new, young children's play area on Ascot heath, on Churchill Avenue, which runs up the centre of Ascot Racecourse.  For more information call 01344 630141.

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ascot playgrounds

Winkfield Parish Council  runs the Asher Recreation Ground, Lovel Road, Cranbourne almost opposite Cranbourne School.   There is very well - maintained play equipment, a  hopscotch area and a  car park (accessed from Hatchet Lane). 

 No public toilets




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Winkfield Parish Council  runs the Blackmoor Playspace, North Ascot. There is very well - maintained play equipment for young children. For more information  call 01344 885110

 No public toilets


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All welcome at the Cheapside PlayPark Opening Party on November 6th 2021

Sunninghill Parish Council runs a small playground off Hilltop Close in Cheapside near Ascot.  Click on Hilltop Close play area for more information

play area cheapside

sunninghill and ascot parish council

Winkfield Parish Council owns and manages three tennis courts at Ascot Jubilee Recreation Ground, Goaters Road (off Fernbank Road, North Ascot). An annual Season Ticket is available to all residents.

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  Winkfield Parish Council  runs the King George V  Playing Field with children's playground, next to Winkfield St.Mary's School,  Winkfield Row.  There is very well - maintained play equipment and junior  football pitches.   and a  car park.  The car park  can be accessed from Chavey Down Road , Winkfield Row. (gates locked at dusk) .

No public toilets


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Winkfield Parish Council  owns and manages the superb children's play area - with its beach theme - at the Locks Ride Recreation Ground, Forest Road, Winkfield      FACEBOOK    TWITTER  Winkfield Parish Council office - 01344 885110 

SPLASHPAD  now open for Summer 2019 (see poster below)

  Winkfield Parish Council  runs the superb and imaginatively designed Locks Ride Recreation Ground, off Forest Road, Winkfield Row, RG42 7NJ (at the corner of Locks Ride and Forest Road). There is very well - maintained play equipment,  football pitches, 'Splashpad' and 'beach area' , barbecue, cricket, pavilion,  and a  car park.  The park can be accessed from Forest Road (gates locked at dusk) .

Public toilet till 8pm


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Ascot residents and visitors can enjoy new wooden sculptures in the  open space, Allen's Field in South Ascot, after they were unveiled recently.

The new additions are part of a landscape and sculpture partnership project between the Royal Borough of Windsor & Maidenhead and community charity Groundwork South.


Working with ANB Groundcare, Groundwork South’s chartered landscape architect Ruth Shelton designed and project managed the sculpture and path installation. The carvings and landscape features form part of an educational trail that depicts an egg’s journey to become a butterfly through its various life stages.

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Sunninghill Parish Council runs a very well - equipped play area for children of all ages, at the South Ascot Recreation Ground, off Victoria Road, South Ascot.  There is also a football pitch, with changing facilities.  The cost of hiring the pitch per season,  is between £425 and £450 (currently booked).  There is a small car park off Victoria Road. No public toilets. Click on South Ascot Rec for more information.

play area south ascot

south ascot football pitch

sunninghill and ascot parish council

Broomhall Recreation Ground in a very attractive and well- kept park, which has well  thought-out and safe play  facilities,  garden and football pitch, watched over by resident groundsman, Graeme Kennedy.  The Rec is host to many public functions including the annual Sunningdale Area Carnival in September, the Lynwood Fete and celebratory concerts ( eg the Diamond Jubilee live music stage). Suningdale Parish Council is  proud of its renovated recreation ground.
The open recreation ground is available to enjoy, to picnic or play games.

There is a good sized car park, shared with the Sunningdale Parish Council Offices and WI Hall and a kiosk serving snacks.

The Rec is located between Broomhall Lane and the Ascot to Sunningdale railway line , SL5 0QS.

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New keys are being issued by Sunninghill and Ascot Parish Council for the Victory Fields Tennis Courts. Click on Tennis at Victory Fields for more information. 

As well as tennis courts, there is a multi-court for ball games, a skateboard ramp and a football pitch. Tom Green’s Field which lies behind the tennis courts is an attractive area for dog walkers. There is an entrance gate to Victory Field which is locked at dusk and that a key is needed to access the tennis courts. The keys cost £25 and can be obtained from the Parish Office, or from Chapman’s the Ironmongers on Sunninghill High Street, during usual opening hours.

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