Ascot Freegle

Ascot Freegle is part of a new online re-use network called Freegle formed in the UK as a friendly alternative to Freecycle.

In just six days since Freegle was formed, 143 local groups like ours – 28% of former Freecycle groups and representing over 664,000 members (32% cent of the total UK Freecycle membership) – have moved to the new co-operative umbrella organisation, and many more groups are expected to follow us.

Freegle which means Free Giving, Locally, Easily, offers greater freedom for us to organise the way we work to suit local needs, without the rigid management hierarchy imposed by The Freecycle Network.

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ascot volunteer bureau

 E mail 

With effect from 1st June 2021 Ascot Volunteer Bureau will resume a normal service to take clients to all their medical appointments. However, initially the office will not be open. Until volumes of calls increase you should leave a message on the answerphone. Please ring 01344 625520 and leave your name, your telephone number and the date, place and time of your appointment. We will call you normally within 1 day. Please note that you must wear a face mask unless you are exempt and drivers are unable to provide you with any physical assistance. While we will take standard precautions, journeys are undertaken at the client's own risk. Please see our website for full details of our Covid procedures.


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Find out what's happening in Berkshire Meetup groups around the world and start meeting up with the ones near you.

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The Berkshire Multiple Sclerosis Society has much to offer sufferers from the disease. For more information visit or call 0118 901 6000




Public Health England has launched the next phase of the Better Health - Every Mind Matters campaign, providing tips and advice to help parents and carers support children and young people's mental wellbeing. To find out more visit Better Health or for a range of resources to support children and young people's wellbeing visit the Bracknell Forest PH Portal.