Winkfield Parish Council  runs the Asher Recreation Ground, Lovel Road, Cranbourne almost opposite Cranbourne School.   There is very well - maintained play equipment, a  hopscotch area and a  car park (accessed from Hatchet Lane). 

 No public toilets






1 Wicksteed Slide - 5.8m (play bark)


1 Sutcliffe Play Wok - (wet pour safer surfacing)


Hirst Swings - 3m - 2 flat seats (wet pour safer surfacing)


Wicksteed Swings - 2.4m - 2 cradle seats (wet pour safer surfacing)


1 Wicksteed Rocking Rockette (play bark)


1 Ausplay Spring Rocker (anti-erosion tiles)


1 Hopscotch area

winkfield playing field

cranbourne playground

winkfield parish council