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Suitable for children 5-9 years (younger only by arrangement). We encourage children to attend all four Saturdays to develop skills of an Eco warrior. £27.00 per session or £100 for all four booked at one time.  Go to  or contact Anne Martin 07739199900

Blacknest offers a unique learning environment for children. In the large, beautiful grounds of our private woodland there is a wealth of fauna and flora, which, with help from trained leaders, will encourage children to gain an understanding of woodland habitats and eco systems by observing and recording what they see. Forest school sessions are most effective when programmes are readily adapted to the inclinations and ages of the children. The child is always at the centre of activities and in a safe, well supervised context children learn to use tools, innovate while playing games and assess risk when climbing trees; but always within clearly defined boundaries of acceptable behaviour.
In this environment they may, at their own pace, develop communication skills, social skills, self-esteem, self-motivation and confidence which they can take with them into the wider  environment.

Anticipated age range is 4-8 years (older may be possible by arrangement) and group sizes will be restricted to a maximum of 10 participants.
Parents will leave their children in the professional care of our trained Forest School team BUT they must ensure that young participants have a supply of their favourite drink (we provide water) & are appropriately clothed for prevailing weather. However, exceptional circumstances may mean that some sessions are held in the Log Cabin .