The Ascot Day Centre Benefactors Club was launched in 2008 to provide financial support for the Ascot District Day Centre, in Bagshot Road, Sunninghill.  The Benefactors enjoys dinners, outings and other social opportunities. Benefactors donate £100 each which helps with running costs.  For more information email





Pictured right- Chris Edwards, Barbara Donovan, Beverley Williams, Elvira Fletcher, Adam Afriyie MP, Janet Campbell, Geoffrey Donovan, Robert Ellison, at the Berystede dinner.
An Inaugural Dinner, to celebrate the founding of the Ascot District Day Centre Benefactors, was held on the evening of Friday October 10, 2008, at the Berystede Hotel.   Mr Adam Afriyie MP for Windsor and Mrs June Martin MBE, two of the Club’s patrons, and Mr Chris Edwards, Chairman of the Day Centre Trustees, were present, with over 65 of the founding members for an excellent evening. Dr Geoff Donovan, chairman of the Benefactors, in welcoming Adam Afriyie, said “The founding committee is overwhelmed by local people’s positive response to the launch of the Benefactors Club. The local community is clearly supportive and appreciative of the Day Centre, and just needed a structure in place to help it continue operating on a sound financial basis - and enjoy themselves at our local events at the same time!” 
The founding committee, Janet Campbell, Barbara Donovan, Geoff Donovan, Robert Ellison, Elvira Fletcher, Thelma Haworth and Beverley Williams, presented a cheque for £12,650 to the Day Centre on behalf of the Benefactors.
Benefactors Patron, Adam Afriyie MP,  who was at his 6th engagement of the day, entertained the Benefactors with his description of what it's like to be a 'new boy' in Parliament and the protocol mine field of addressing fellow MPs correctly. He said he that, seeing groups such as the Benefactors Club in action,  reaffirmed his faith in the notion of community and was what made his job worthwhile. He added that he had grown up in south London, in a supportive community, and was delighted to see community spirit alive and well in the Ascot area.  He pledged to do whatever he could to help the Day Centre, including offering  tea at the House of Common with him, as a future auction prize.

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