ascot volunteer bureauCovid 19 - Limited Service for Lifts to Vaccinations Available, from February 1st


Transport to Covid-19 Vaccination Appointments

With effect from February 1st, 2021, AVB has a number of volunteers who are able to take you to your Covid-19 vaccination appointments. If you require transport then ring the usual number 01344 625520 and leave a message on the answerphone or send an email to Please provide your name and the time, date and place of your vaccination. We would ask that you seek transport only within two weeks of the date of your appointment and we aim to respond to you by the next working day. At this time we are unable to provide transport for any other medical reason.

The AVB Committee has decided the following guidelines and best practice should apply, to ensure the health, welfare and safety of both client and driver. By seeking to use the service you will be agreeing to comply with these;

1. The journey is undertaken at the driver’s and the client’s own risk. The requirement to self isolate remains should either the driver or the client subsequently test positive.

2. The driver and client should wear a face mask correctly and the client should travel in the rear of the vehicle. Please consider if a window should be open.

3. No physical assistance can be offered to the client by the driver.

4. The driver will not accompany the client into the vaccination centre.

5. Drivers will sanitise their vehicle on return home.

6. Clients MUST cancel the booking immediately with AVB by email or telephone if they subsequently develop any symptoms of the virus, and MUST also inform AVB if they test positive within two weeks of using the service.

7.  Drivers will ring the client before the journey and check they still have no virus symptoms and are feeling well.

For local journeys the fee will be £5 and for journeys outside the local area a charge will be applied



The Ascot Volunteer Bureau, which matches volunteer drivers with people who need lifts to appointments, can be contacted on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursday and Fridays, 10 am - 12noon. Local trips cost £5, longer trips have a 50p per mile mileage rate. Visit  Call 01344 625520.

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