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Here's what you can expect to enjoy:

  • 12 x signature Happy House sessions (for pre-school, walking children - older siblings often love to join in too!) Run by Rachel
  • 12 x signature Baby Beeps sessions (for sitting to toddling babies) Run by Rachel
  • 12 x signature Baby Bells sessions (for newborn to sitting babies) Run by Rachel
  • 8 x baby sign sessions, where we learn how to sign different words (for all ages)
  • 12 x snuggle sessions, where we snuggle down and listen to a story - you can play along too if you like! (for all ages)
  • 12 x Funky Friday crazy rave sessions, where we dress up and have a dance! (for all ages) 
  • Many crafting sessions where you can have a go at making Hartbeeps props! (for walking children and grown ups) 
  • Storytelling sessions (for all ages)

Content will be available until the end of March 2021.  IMPORTANT: Once you've signed up, you will be sent a link to our private Facebook group and this will give you access to your Hartbeeps@Home experience! IF YOU DON'T RECEIVE A LINK PLEASE CONTACT RACHEL@HARTBEEPS.COM ASAP!

***You will need a Facebook account in order to be a Hartbeeps@Home member***

***Membership of this Hartbeeps@Home programme will give you access to content put together by Hartbeeps Ascot, Bracknell & North Reading (session leader is Rachel)***