Charter’s Friends Book Club meets in the Durning Room at Charters Library. Hot & cold drinks are available. New friends always welcome!

E-mail: sue.roche1@btinternet.com for more details.



There is a  Chat & Craft Group, open to all, meeting 2 - 4pm at St.Peter's, Hatchet Lane, Cranbourne, near Ascot, 2 -4 pm on Thursday afternoons.


Chavey Down Women’s Institute meets  at St Martin's Church Hall, Church Road, Chavey Down, Winkfield,  on the 3rd Monday of the month at St Martin’s Hall in Church Road at 7.45pm..  New members welcome.  For more information about the group, contact Janey on 01344 883854.

Website -  chaveydownwi.com or emailing  - Alison Bird, President, (alisonsbird@gmail.com)


Venue for the Chavey Down Womens Institute (WI)


Chavey Down WI meets at St.Martin's Church Hall, Church Road, Chavey Down, usually on Monday evenings. New members are welcome. The group enjoys interesting speakers, outings and social events. Call Janey on 01344 883854 or  01344 882184