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Friday 09:00 – 10:30, Winkfield Row (booking essential). Yoga For Everyone Benefits of yoga include: improved posture, improved breathing, increased strength, increased flexibility, improved muscle tone, de-stress of body and mind, increased energy and vitality, ability to relax and unwind.
Yoga Alliance Registered.



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????????? ???????? ??:??am - ??:??am, Starting 2nd March for 6 weeks,  Cordes Hall, Sunninghill

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???????? ???????? ??? ?????, 7am Ascot Jubilee Recreation Ground,  6.45pm West End Recreation Ground, Pay as you go

Yoga, Barre, HIIT Yoga, HIIT Classes, Online, In Person & On Demand, Beginners Yoga Classes, Outdoor Bootcamps, Group Classes

1-1 Private Classes, Private & Corporate Classes, Pranayama,  Meditation

Qualified Yoga Teacher, Barre Instructor and Personal Trainer

Lucie's  love of yoga means she carefully plans each session, selecting various yoga poses within each practice and ensuring the class flows between movements.  Alongside moving in and out of asanas, I also concentrate on breathing techniques (Pranayama) and meditation during each session.  She offer a variety of different Yoga classes such as Beginners, Hatha, Vinyasa Flow & Yin.  She also offers variations at all classes and they are therefore open to all abilities.  Class duration can vary from 30 to 60 minutes.

Class Costs

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 Yoga With Rosie     Please email   yogawithrosie@me.com for details   http://www.yogawithrosie.net/    FACEBOOK


New! Beginners Chair Yoga with Rosie,  at Sunningdale Village Hall, Church Road, Sunningdale, SL5 0NJ, from Wednesday October 27th 2021.


The Orangutanga Club offers Yoga and Mindfulness for children and teens in North Ascot on Saturdays.

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