Ascot Inner Wheel  celebrates its 56th anniversary in 2019, and is a member of the Association of Inner Wheel Clubs which are part of the family of Rotary.


The Ascot Inner Wheel meets monthly on the fourth Wednesday evening at Mill Ride Golf Club, in Ascot, to enjoy dinner and often, a speaker or presentation. If there is a fifth Wednesday in the month, we join with Ascot Rotary for dinner and a speaker.

The Inner Wheel organisation was started in 1924 by the wives of Rotarians, as Rotary was originally for men only.  It is one of the largest women’s service organisations in the World, with 19,000 members within Great Britain and Ireland and over 100, 000 members from more than 103 countries across the globe.

Inner Wheel is women in action, working together to make a difference and improving lives.  We work together giving humanitarian aid nationally and internationally,

We help people by extending the hand of friendship.  We work on projects that are truly life changing.  We make firm and lasting friendships.  There is no other group like it.

The objects of Inner Wheel are:-

To promote true friendship.

To encourage the ideals of personal service.

To foster international understanding.

Members of Inner Wheel achieve these goals by various ways which combine fund-raising and personal service – all with fun and friendship.



Fundraising Evening November 22nd 2019



Inner Wheel District 9 Chairman, Linda Clarke (right) presents the Margarette Golding award to Mrs. June Martin MBE

 Ascot resident, June Martin MBE was presented with the prestigious Margarette Golding Award at an Ascot Inner Wheel event last week, in recognition of her continual and extensive support given to the Ascot and Sunninghill community since 1962.  This award presented by International Inner Wheel (IIW) in memory of their founder, has only been given to 299 women worldwide since its inception in 2001.  After reading the citation, District Chairman Linda Clarke described June as:-“An inspiration to us all.  It is hard to do justice to the time, effort and resources that June has put into the local community.”  Although she knew about the nomination, June said: “The news still came out of the blue.  I was very surprised but delighted to receive this award.”

Initially June joined the Women’s Voluntary Service (WVS).  In 1975 she played a pivotal role in establishing the Ascot Day Centre Trust and in its subsequent redevelopment to provide hot food, activities and social contact for up to 90 elderly people.  June spent 14 years as chairman before retiring on her 80th birthday when she took on the role of lifelong President.

In the mid 1980’s she helped establish the Ascot Volunteer Bureau (AVB) which assists local people, usually the elderly, with transport to medical appointments and similar journeys.  She became Chairman, a post she held for more than 20 years.  Becoming aware of the need for support for the very frail and their carers, June founded Saturday Day Care Plus in the mid 1990’s.  She still attends every week, helping out where necessary, supplying the lunch for the attendees and assisting with transport despite having celebrated her own 90th birthday this year!

In 2005 June was invited to become an Honorary Member of Ascot Inner Wheel, and became a full member in 2007 since when she has been a supportive and generous member of the Club.