New keys are being issued by Sunninghill and Ascot Parish Council for the Victory Fields Tennis Courts. Click on Tennis at Victory Fields for more information. 

As well as tennis courts, there is a multi-court for ball games, a skateboard ramp and a football pitch. Tom Green’s Field which lies behind the tennis courts is an attractive area for dog walkers. There is an entrance gate to Victory Field which is locked at dusk and that a key is needed to access the tennis courts. The keys cost £25 and can be obtained from the Parish Office, or from Chapman’s the Ironmongers on Sunninghill High Street, during usual opening hours.

Access and parking to Victory Fields has recently been upgraded. See



Victory Field :: Pavilion

Victory Field - much loved by footballers, families, tennis and basketball players skateboarders and dog walkers alike – has received a huge boost, thanks to the refurbished pavilion.

At no cost to the Council taxpayer – funded by developers’ Section 106 contributions, the pavilion has benefitted from a £200,000 reconfiguration and upgrade. This is the biggest project undertaken by Sunninghill and Ascot Parish Council this year.

Action was vital as the former building didn’t meet current safe-guarding standards: There was no lobby between the showers and the outside doors, the windows, doors, flooring and insulation were inadequate, sanitary wear was out-dated and there was no hot water.

Now, post upgrade, park users will have daily use of the accessible toilet, as requested. Also new, is a community room for clubs and meetings, equipped with table and chairs. The room is big enough for 12 to 15 standing people. Facilities even include a kitchenette - which may encourage a refreshments ‘kiosk’, to make any visit to the park complete!

Visually, the pavilion is now an asset to the Field, with its attractive wooden cladding, smart windows and doors and user-friendly look.

Chairman of the Leisure and Cultural committee Robert Ellison said: “We are very happy with this major upgrade of the pavilion. It has been many years in the planning and promises to be a real asset to our parish. We are very keen that all members of our community old and young sporty and non-sporty will make use of this wonderful facility. The whole area is being improved, Tom Green’s Field to the rear of the Victory Field is part way through a ten year plan of improvement and has become a pleasant area to walk and well worth exploring.”

And the sprucing up of the Victory Field doesn’t stop there; the Parish Council is hoping to work with the Royal Borough to improve the footpath up to Oriental Road, with better steps and resurfacing.

It is most appropriate that this park is so favoured in this WWI centenary year. As well as the pucker pavilion, it is to be the focus of this year’s Remembrance tributes: Victory Field was named to commemorate the Allies victory and was constructed by returning WW1 soldiers. The major earth-moving exercise was financed by a local landowner, to create work for the unemployed veterans.

Parish Chairman, Cllr Allison Sharpe, says she is delighted with the results of the upgrade: “All Parish Councillors deliberated long and hard over what would be the right thing to do - and we truly hope that visitors to the Field can now appreciate a great new facility.”

An opening ceremony will mark the pavilion’s official opening, in January. Watch this space for further details!



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