Broomhall Recreation Ground in a very attractive and well- kept park, which has well  thought-out and safe play  facilities,  garden and football pitch, watched over by resident groundsman, Graeme Kennedy.  The Rec is host to many public functions including the annual Sunningdale Area Carnival in September, the Lynwood Fete and celebratory concerts ( eg the Diamond Jubilee live music stage). Suningdale Parish Council is  proud of its renovated recreation ground.
The open recreation ground is available to enjoy, to picnic or play games.

There is a good sized car park, shared with the Sunningdale Parish Council Offices and WI Hall and a kiosk serving snacks.

The Rec is located between Broomhall Lane and the Ascot to Sunningdale railway line , SL5 0QS.

For more information call 01344 874268 or e-mail


One of the best children’s playgrounds for miles around. Latest additions are a water feature and a gazebo.


There are excellent quality tennis courts. The Parish Council has an agreement with Charters Tennis, who run coaching,  weekly tennis sessions and holiday courses.


There is also a Community Garden, run as part of the Sustainable Sunningdale project. The garden will be open to the public every day, and in addition there will be a chance to quiz Graeme (the Grounds Manager) weekly when he is tending the garden.


Cricket equipment is available for hire. The Parish Council installed a set of cricket nets and hires out stumps, bat and ball, in return for a small deposit.


Teen Scene is  an area set aside for teens, including  a climbing frame. The latest addition to the Teen Scene area has been a pod swing.


The Parish Council has installed eight pieces of equipment which are designed for use by all ages to encourage fitness.

The leg press, skier and body twist can be enjoyed by two people at the same time, while the air walker, rider, cross rider, cycle and rowing machine are designed to individually build up muscles.

Next to the eight pieces of cardio equipment, there is a rope trail and a multi-sport goal which is suitable for a variety of sports.

sunningdale playground