Winkfield Parish Council owns and manages three tennis courts at Ascot Jubilee Recreation Ground, Goaters Road (off Fernbank Road, North Ascot). An annual Season Ticket is available to all residents.

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 Winkfield Parish Council  runs the Jubilee Recreation Ground, at the end of Goaters Road, off Fernbank Road, North Ascot, SL5 8JA. There is very well - maintained play equipment, tennis courts, football pitch, pavilion, woodland, dog hygiene bins and a large car park.  The park can be accessed from Goaters Road (gates locked at dusk) and from the Ascot Priory church yard.

Karen's Community Cafe - for young people - runs in the pavilion .

No public toilets






Sutcliffe swings - 1.8m - 2 cradle


Sutcliffe swings - 2.4m.

Sutcliffe Toddlerzone Multiplay Unit

Record Livewire Panel

Crazy Twister

Hags Agito Unus Multiplay Unit

Hags Multi Pondo See-Saw

Kaiser and Kuhne Basket Swing

Kaiser and Kuhne Spring See-Saw

Sutcliffe Spring Rocker

(all the above installed over wet pour safer surfacing)

1 Streetwise combination goal (tarmac kick-about area)

Lappset fitness trail (7 units, all wood, 5 over grass, 2 with wet pour safer surfacing)

1 Game and Playtime drop shot

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