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Ascot Farmers' Market  . The market offers a wide choice of fresh produce and plants. Parking is freely available on site.
CLICK on Ascot Farmers Market for a hyperlinked list of stalls. At this glorious time of the year do your tastebuds crave juicy fruit and crunchy vegetables? Are you on the scent of flavour-filled sausages for your barbeques and tasty bread for picnics?  Ascot Farmers’ Market, every third Sunday of the month from 9.30am to 1pm in Car Park 3 on the High Street, is the perfect place to shop for your food and drink. 








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To accompany all this delicious food try refreshing beer from Ascot Ales. This family-run award-winning microbrewery produces traditional ales available on draught or in bottles. Everything’s produced by hand, and brewing in small batches ensures a richer flavour and colour.

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Ascot Farmers Market