Tracy is a highly qualified osteopath and health coach with clinics in Warfield and west London. She trained as an osteopath in the UK after training in premedicine and psychology in the US. In addition to her gentle hands on care, Tracy uses exercise rehabilitation and cognitive behavioural strategies in her work with clients. 

Tracy also travels with Great Britain's Ultimate frisbee teams to tournaments around the world, helping to prevent, treat and rehabilitate injuries and provide first aid. When not working on the pitch, she is playing on a team!  

Unique Approaches

In addition to treating sportspeople with injuries, Tracy's background in psychology and nutrition, allows her to provide comprehensive help to people with persistent pain so they can reduce their pain and live their lives more fully. 

Tracy says: Located in Warfield, the Ascot osteopathy clinic location is within a garden studio. The clinic is designed to provide restful space to really understand both your problem and the context that surrounds it. Here we can take the time to truly ensure we are making a difference in your recovery and I can give you the tools you need to stay well. Between sessions and after your treatment is over, we stay in touch using a free app containing your rehabilitation exercise and self care plans.

I'll greet you as a guest and client at the gate and accompany you through the garden to the studio for your session. Your welcome, consultation, treatment and aftercare will be handled start to finish by myself.

Professional Osteopath Fees: 

Initial consultation £60 

Follow-up appointments £55 

I accept credit cards and some insurances.

I look forward to supporting your recovery through excellence in gentle clinical hands-on and psychologically informed osteopathic care.