Beware of roadworks on the approach to the Heatherwood roundabout in Ascot!

Work is about to start on altering the road and roundabout layout as part of the new Heatherwood Hospital development. This will involve work to the main, large roundabout on the High Street by contracting firm, J McCann. The changes will result in an increase from two to three lanes with dedicated filter lanes, which should assist in traffic flow and allow better access to the new developments on the Heatherwood Hospital site. There will also be new street lighting, signage and pedestrian access, including upgraded pedestrian crossing areas. 

The first phase of work started on Monday 1st February, by J McCann will involve utility upgrades and will result in the closure of one lane for about 30 metres running up to the roundabout on the High Street. This should keep traffic disruption to a minimum. The next phase, starting at the end of March, will mean full lane closure until early August. More information will be provied about this as work progresses.

The works have been planned and phased to have the lowest impact on the travelling public, noise levels and the environment. Throughout the project, it is intended to keep traffic flowing, have minimum lane closures and keep any diversions in place for the shortest time possible to safely conduct the works.”