HMS Pinafore  Sunningdale Savoy ChorusAmateur Dramatics is thriving across local communities.  Choirs and musical societies are encouraging people to use their spare time enjoying the fun that local societies have to offer. These groups cater for all tastes and abilities proving that there really is something for everyone! From opera to rock, from Shakespeare to Gilbert and Sullivan, Amateur Dramatics is fun and exciting and really lets you enjoy the music of celebrated composers and the intricate work of popular librettists.  With the increasing popularity of reality- based talent shows on our screens, there has never been a better time for people of all ages to be inspired and get involved.  Amdram, as it is affectionately known, is a Great British Institution and one that should be embraced, enjoyed and most importantly, supported within local areas

One such group is the Sunningdale Savoy Chorus, a society established to celebrate the works of William Gilbert and Arthur Sullivan.  Gilbert and Sullivan produced fourteen operas over the course of their partnership producing such classics as The Mikado, Pirates of the Penzance and The Gondoliers. These were performed at the Savoy Theatre, London and enjoyed long and successful runs.........

The appropriately named Savoy Chorus was founded by John Woodward-Roberts and Mark Bennett in 1991. Their combined vision was to bring to life these wonderful and often comical works created by the extraordinary musical collaboration of G&S. It was this vision that has allowed the Sunningdale Savoy Chorus to successfully celebrate their Gala year with their forthcoming production of HMS Pinafore.

HMS Pinafore was written in 1878 and was an instant success for G&S. It tells the story of love- lorn lasses and sailors amongst the backdrop of the Royal Navy. Gilbert and Sullivan clearly had fun with this delightful score and libretto, often ridiculing the conformities of social status. The love story running throughout portrays deception and forbidden love whilst the jolly band of sailors and ‘gaily-tripping’ maidens bring this latest Savoy production beautifully together. With plenty of humour, beautifully sung pieces and the entire company dancing the Hornpipe, locals will be in for a night to remember! The Savoy has grown considerably over the years and the dedication of its members, pianist, Director and Musical Director are clearly evident as they take to the boards to celebrate this amazing 20th year. HMS Pinafore remains one of Gilbert and Sullivan’s most popular operas and the Savoy are proud to present this fully-costumed production at The Rose Theatre, St Marys School, Ascot from 14th to 16th July 2011 ( telephone bookings 01344 297347 or CLICK HERE). The Savoy have also achieved great success within the community performing popular musicals such as Calamity Jane, Oliver and Salad days and will next year see them perform Hello Dolly.  The Savoy are always keen to welcome new members so why not come along and experience what so many others are already enjoying across the country!  Amateur Dramatics provides a major contribution to local entertainment and allows the community to enjoy musical theatre and theatrical productions on their very own doorstep!

Angela Kecojevic