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Limited Service Now Available During Covid 19 Crisis
The Ascot Volunteer Bureau, a small local charity which matches volunteer drivers with people who need lifts to medical appointments, needs more drivers and office 'staff'. Helping at the AVB is very rewarding and the driving suits people who want to fit an hour or two volunteering around busy work and family. There is never any pressure to take on a job - whatever is convenient for you! Click on 'Read More' below, to see exactly how this hugely - appreciated service works....

If I volunteer what would I be doing?
There are 2 roles. You can be a driver to take people to their medical appointments or you can help in the office.

What does being a driver involve?
You will pick up a client from their home at a pre-arranged time & take them to their medical appointment (eg hospital, GP). Either you will wait for them or arrange to return & collect them when their appointment is over, & then take them home. Many of our clients have some mobility problems & need a helping hand (eg an arm to lean on). Sometimes they can be quite apprehensive about their appointment & they welcome someone to talk to & to provide moral support.

How are driving jobs arranged?
Our office volunteers will contact you when they have a job to fulfil to see if you are available on a particular date & time.
How much time will I need to give as a driver?
As a driver you will only need to give just as much or as little time as you want. You only accept jobs which are convenient for you. It may be that you drive once a week if that suits you or just every now & then. Also individual jobs vary as to the time commitment; an appointment at a local GP surgery may take an hour of your time. Or you may take someone to a hospital appointment that lasts a couple of hours & so takes 3 hours of your time.

What prerequisites are there for being a driver?
You would need to have a full driving licence, your own car, and 3rd party car insurance. A CRB (Criminal Records Bureau) check will need to be carried out.
Is there any payment to cover my petrol costs?
Our clients will pay the driver 40 pence per mile towards the running costs of the car.

What does helping in the office involve?
You will take phone calls from clients who need a driver, log the details and then ring round our drivers to find someone who can do the job.

How much time will I need to give to help in the office?
Our office in South Ascot Church Hall is open 2 hours every weekday morning from 10:00 to noon. Ideally office volunteers do a regular morning each week, although if we had more people it would be possible to do alternate weeks.

What skills are needed for helping in the office?
You will need to answer the phone, including retrieving messages from the answering service, and accurately record jobs. Currently our system is all paper based but it is likely that we may consider a computerised system as some point in the future. A CRB check will need to be carried out.

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