Royal Borough cases, testing and vaccines

Cases are rapidly rising again and are now at 682.2 per 100,000, which is broadly in line with the South East but sadly well above the England average.

Ages 5 to 14 and 40 to 49 are continuing to take the brunt of infections, although cases are also still increasing among all other ages apart from those over 64.

Assisted LFT testing at Braywick Leisure Centre remains at a consistent level, but we've seen a jump in the number of LFTs being collected from our leisure centre receptions to use at home. LFTs will tell you if you have Covid, but only a PCR can tell if it's Delta, Omicron, or another variant. Visit our website for details on where you can get free LFTs.

63% of people aged 50+ in the borough have now received their three vaccination doses. 83% of the general population has had both jabs, leaving a sizeable number completely unprotected.

The boosters will continue to be offered in priority age order to protect those most at risk. Wait until the NHS contacts you to book yours on the online National Booking System. When you're eligible, you may also be able to use a local walk-in site or pharmacy, but please see the Frimley Health and Care website as arrangements differ. If you do use a walk-in site, please cancel your online booking so it can be offered to someone else.

For the latest Covid information in the Royal Borough - including case rates among age groups, ward breakdowns, hospital data and vaccinations - visit the Berkshire Public Health website and see the weekly report in the information centre.