New orders to tackle dog fouling, dog control and cycling in pedestrianised zones

Two new Public Spaces Protection Orders (PSPOs) aimed at tackling anti-social behaviour in the Royal Borough  are to be introduced.

The orders will help to tackle dog fouling and dog control as well as cycling on the highway. 

Full Council agreed on Tuesday 27 April to the PSPOs which will be in place for three years. These are:

  • A borough-wide order to help tackle dog fouling and ineffective dog control
  • An order to tackle cycling on the highway in pedestrianised zones in High Street, Maidenhead and Peascod Street, Windsor   

Councillor David Cannon, lead member for public protection and parking, said: “I’m pleased the council has shown its support for the orders.

“Community wardens have received many reports in relation to dog fouling and out of control dogs. They have also witnessed many incidents of people cycling through pedestrianised zones and causing alarm and distress to residents.

“The borough has also received many requests for the pedestrian zones to be upheld as pedestrian only use, and that cyclists be required to dismount and not cycle through these areas.

“We hope that these two new Public Spaces Protection Orders will provide our officers with the tools they need to tackle the unacceptable behaviours of a small minority and improve the lives of everyone in the borough.”  

The orders mean that anyone responsible for a dog must clear up after it, or place the animal on a lead if asked to do so by a police constable or an authorised council officer should the dog/s be considered to be out of control.

The orders are expected to come into effect from around Wednesday 9 June.

Anyone who fails to comply could face a fine of £100, reduced to £75 if paid within 10 days.

The same applies to anyone cycling in the pedestrianised areas outlined above.