Since 2011, Big Voice London has held an annual mooting competition in association with the Supreme Court. The competitions simulate a court hearing and the participants analyse a problem, research the relevant law, prepare written submissions, and present oral argument. Big Voice London, a legal outreach project that helps young people explore the UK legal system, pair students with Bar Professional Training Course students, who act as ‘Mooting Mentors’. This structure enables the students to not only experience court advocacy for the first time, but also helps them to develop their knowledge of the law and their communication skills with the help of those already pursuing a career in law.

31 students from around the country took part in this year’s virtual competition and after two months of hard work Charlotte, a Year 13 student at Charters School in Sunningdale and Charles, Charlotte’s mentor and a post-grad student at Oxford University were the winners of this year’s prestigious competition in the ‘virtual’ Supreme Court.

Charlotte said, “Every week for the past two months we were set a new case that my mentor and I had to argue, against one other team. It was a 'winner stays on' style competition. The made-up cases ranged from property and trusts interactions involving a gin pipeline, to defamation law over claims of crimes against humanity allegedly committed during the Malayan Emergency.

I am thrilled to have won the competition. It has made the legal profession seem so much more accessible and exciting to me. I am looking forward to starting a Law with French Law degree next year. I hope that it will give me the skills to start a career related to the legal challenges and opportunities that have resulted from Brexit.”

Mr Steve Metson, Charlotte’s Head of Year said, “Congratulations to Charlotte for winning this prestigious competition in the ‘virtual’ Supreme Court. This is a fantastic achievement and a great example of the enrichment activities that Charters Sixth Form students are getting involved in.”