Updated guidance for visitors

In order to reduce transmission of Covid-19 and ensure the safety of  patients, visitors and staff, visiting at Frimley Health NHS Foundation Trust remains controlled. In line with the current national guidance, visiting will only be available in certain ward areas by appointment only.

Virtual visiting
Wherever possible, please continue to use the virtual visiting services and speak to your loved one by video call. Should you wish to arrange a virtual visit, please book an appointment by contacting the ward directly between 9am and 3pm. Staff will be happy to help arrange a date and time for you. The ward contact telephone numbers are listed HERE.

Visiting in person
If you wish to have an essential in-person visit with a family member or friend who is a patient, you must book an appointment by calling the relevant ward between 9am and 3pm using the numbers below. Staff will check that a visit is possible and, if it is, will help to book an appointment.

Currently visitors can only book on the following wards on  acute sites: CLICK HERE 

Emergency Department visiting If you need to visit one of our Emergency Departments and are age 18 or older you will need to come alone to keep the number of people in our waiting areas at a safe level. If a patient is under 18 they can be accompanied by one guardian. There will be exceptions be some exceptions but these decisions will be made by the triage nurse at the entrance. Their decision will be based on a number of factors, such as the condition of the patient.
Where possible please ring 111 before attending one of our EDs. 111 will be able to best direct you to get the medical treatment you require.