Little Muddy Boots face to face lesson sell out! Parents desperate to include more outdoor play in their day...Since re-opening the Little Muddy Boots face to face classes after lockdown, the outdoor toddler and pre-school classes held at Jealotts Hill Community Landshare in Warfield have been fully booked with additional sessions being added due to demand really emphasising the ‘importance of outdoor play’ during this pandemic. “Children aged 1-4 are advised to spend at least 3 hours per day being physically active.” (NHS, 2020)

Parents have been really keen to get their toddlers and pre-schoolers back into a ‘normal’ routine since lockdown restrictions lifted; playing, learning and developing outside but most importantly
socialising after months of limited interactions for both children and their accompanying adults. We also know at Little Muddy Boots that “time spent in high quality outdoor environments has been linked to children having a leaner body and better night time sleep.” (Soderstrom, 2013) The outdoor environment is a great setting for the families with the fresh air and autumn sunshine.

Several changes have been made to the Little Muddy Boots garden to make it Covid safe. This has included individual family kits for each lesson, disinfecting garden tools and toys in between
sessions, social distanced seating and a new outdoor toilet - solely for the use of class members. The changes have been well received and everyone has just settled back into the garden as

Little Muddy Boots also successfully evolved during lockdown creating an online monthly subscription, sharing a weekly set of activities, videos, crafts and recipes for its members. The Little Muddy Boots online subscription continues to run and is still proving popular for parents who’s children are needing to self-isolate or simply want to do some fun nature related activities and crafts at weekends.

“It has been fantastic to see the Little Muddy Boots garden a hive of activity again, albeit in a Covid-Secure way. The children have thoroughly enjoyed being outside picking apples, learning
about harvest and making bugs from clay and sticks. Both the adults and children are seeing the benefits of being back in our inspiring environment and are feeling the benefits of this social
interaction again, which is so crucial to both toddlers and pre-schoolers as well as those looking after them”. Hannah Brewer, Little Muddy Boots Founder.
“Just wanted to say how much we are enjoying Little Muddy Boots. It is providing a structure to our day and is wonderfully comforting. It gives so much joy to my two children – the youngest attending the weekly class and the oldest who enjoys it after a the formal teaching at school.” Mrs Walker, Ascot, Little Muddy Boots Parent.

Little Muddy Boots now in its 6th year and offers outdoor nature, gardening and forest school sessions for children between 1-5 years to over 120 local families, in both the weekly family sessions, home-education sessions and classes taught at an Ascot nursery.
Information Pack available here:    Contact: Hannah Brewer