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A Record-breaking Business Venture |  When 16-year-old Ascot students Pierre and Freddie read in the Guinness World Records book that the most corks ever collected was a mere 744, they decided it was an easy one to break.  A few visits to local bars and restaurants, loots from friends and holiday souvenirs and, in no time, they had amassed 3,230 corks.  That was when they found out that Guinness charges £600 to feature your record...

This diffused their ambition to get anything official, but with the arrival of Lockdown, and a bit more time on their hands, they decided to opt for the entrepreneurial route and set up a business making products from corks.  A table in the garage, a borrowed mini band saw, some imagination, and a lot of enthusiasm, and The Cork Company was born.

Their first product is a set of table mats and trivets.

"We have learnt so much about business. Designing, manufacturing, packaging, dealing with customers and even practising our business skills on social media. We have to admit that there were some setbacks, but overall, it has been a thoroughly rewarding and educational experience.  It also boosted our friendship and gave us the chance to dream about bigger and better things for our future".

The pair aim to use the rest of their corks to make custom made wall art and notice boards. To purchase their table mats and trivets, or get any custom-made cork notice boards or art, simply e-mail Corkcompanycontact@gmail.com and support these budding entrepreneurs on their Instagram @the_corkcompany .