The Royal Borough's Environmental Health Officer has issued guidelines on how safely to prepare and deliver food, for those in need, during the Covid 19 Corona virus crisis

Environmental Health Officer(Food & Safety), Royal Borough of Windsor & Maidenhead, Environmental Health, Tinkers Lane, Windsor, SL4 4LR

Advice to Charities & Community Members Preparing and / or Delivering Food to People During Stay At Home Period for Coronavirus (COVID-19

It’s good to see the community supporting each other especially in relation to the provision of food.

The Commercial Services Team would like to remind any community or other group preparing and delivering food for others that they need to do it safely. National guidance has been issued to help, for which we have provided a link on our Resident and Business Update pages. Please follow the link below

Care must be taken in respect of people suffering from a food allergy, especially if you are delivering to persons not generally known to you. All meals should have information about the allergens within. Allergen advice including the list of 14 can be seen at:

If you need any further advice please contact environmental health using the form on the linked page: