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The children of St Francis School  Catholic Primary School in South Ascot ended their time at the school by solving the theft at Magpie Manor.

The year six children premiered their production of “The Mystery of Magpie Manor” at the Rose Theatre, St Mary’s School, and were very excited at their transformation into the upstairs downstairs of the 1930’s. Guests at the manor included Albert Einstein, Charlie Chaplin, Winston Churchill and the great Agatha Christie who ultimately solved the mystery.

One of the characters summed it up nicely by stating “He spied, was tried and nearly died, then he nicked the loot, tried to scoot but now the brute has got the boot”.

Class teacher and director Lindsey Waller said, “The children have really risen to the challenge of this complex production. There were dastardly acts, Charleston dancers and romance and the children were able to transform themselves on stage. Their confidence has grown  and will stand them in good stead as they make the transition to secondary school in September.”


The production benefited greatly from the participation of St Mary’s School, who kindly lent their theatre for the performance. “We’re very grateful to the backstage crew of the Rose Theatre, who pulled out all the stops to create a fantastic set for our use.