Dr. Mark Kilgallon | Executive Business Coach & Mentor | Psychometric 'Colour' Testing | Ascot | Berkshire.

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Who are YOU?

At the core of any personal challenge is the need for high performing people to understand who they are, how they tick and what influence they can bring to the performance of others.

At the PM Centre we therefore encourage high performing individuals to engage in personal coaching accompanied by a tried and tested psychometric ‘colour’ profiling tool. Together this approach helps raise awareness around personal strengths as well as areas for performance improvement.

So why not try out our approach and discover if your personality ‘type’ favours: earth green (people come first); ice blue (structured and analytical); storm yellow (creative and energetic) or fiery red (driven and goal orientated). Each of these ‘colour personality preferences’ have both positive and negative characteristics associated with them and people in general, have more than one preference type. So, who are you?

Doctor’s Orders

Why not try an initial coaching session plus colour profiling with Dr Mark Kilgallon?

Dr Mark has spent the last 20 years helping to develop leaders in policing, public and private sectors. A successful Executive Coach and Mentor he combines a strong drive for performance with a deep-rooted connection to strong ethical values. His practically focused delivery style is supported by a significant academic foundation and this combination helps clients achieve sustained success.

Coaching Package: One coaching session; one psychometric profile; a free copy of the electronic coaching book – ‘The Draw Bridge-Equation

Take some time out to think about your career, your direction and what is important to you in achieving your success.  Regardless of what sector within which you operate, the PM Centre  offers confidential coaching and mentoring that will help explore your essential critical success factors.

Cost: £295 plus VAT

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