SPAE ::  AGM 2014 

2020 AGM May , at Ascot Racecourse, 7.30pm in the Ascot Authority Box at Ascot Racecourse

SPAE, the Society for the Protection of Ascot and Environment, campaigns against too much development in the Ascot area. Too many luxury flats being built ? Too many trees being cut down ? Do something about it -  join SPAE. SPAE has been heavily involved in preparation of the Ascot & Sunnings Neighbourhood Plan. Full details are at or call SPAE chairman, Patrick Griffin  on 01344 620375.

CELEBRATING GOOD DESIGN IN OUR AREA | The general public in this area know of the Society for the Protection of Ascot & Environs (SPAE) mainly because we object to planning applications and appeals – but as our members understand we are not against all development.   Far from it – and from 2016 we intend to be more visible in a different and very positive way.

We are launching an annual Award – called the Good Design Award - to promote, encourage, and celebrate excellence in building design in our area. A wide variety of buildings will be eligible from new builds to conversions or extensions, private dwellings or commercial, industrial or farm buildings, as long as they have been built within the area that SPAE covers – Ascot, Sunningdale, Sunninghill and Winkfield.

We believe that the Award scheme will help us to achieve some very worthwhile aims:


  • Recognising buildings which respect and enhance the special character of the area;
  • Generating better understanding of Neighbourhood Plan policies and the important role they play.

We feel very fortunate to have gained the support of the Prince’s Foundation for Building Community, as well as other local organisations such as the Ascot, Sunninghill and Sunningdale Neighbourhood Plan Delivery Group. The Award will be launched at the SPAE AGM in May 2016 when we will announce the names of the members of the judging panel, which includes some very prestigious architects and other professionals, and also provide more details about how the scheme will operate.

The first applications will be invited from November 2016 and we anticipate making the first awards at next year’s AGM.  There will be a plaque or small trophy for the winner/s and a certificate for the runner-up but the real honour comes from being recognised by a panel of peers. We hope that the community as a whole – as well as our Members - will support us in this positive and exciting new initiative.

46th AGM of the Society
at 7.30pm on Thursday, 25th May 2017
in the Parade Ring Suite, Ascot Racecourse
Refreshments will be provided from 6.45pm.
This Newsletter includes the following:
• Good Design Award 2017
• Reports for Sunningdale, Sunninghill & Ascot, and Winkfield
• Agenda for the 46th Annual General Meeting
• Statement of Financial Activities for the year ended 31st March 2017
• Draft Minutes of the 45th Annual General Meeting
• Good Design Award Presentation
There is much to report that can wait until the AGM. However, here are some important highlights:
THE ROYAL BOROUGH LOCAL PLAN: With the final draft of the Local Plan going to public consultation in mid-May, SPAE has serious concerns whether its representations about the previous draft published in December have been considered. These included overdevelopment, sacrifice of Green Belt, overriding the Neighbourhood Plan, and no indication of the infrastructure required. We shall let you know at the AGM of our initial findings about this final draft and whether Councillors have been listening to local residents.
ASCOT CENTRE: A petition by a local resident with 1,300 signatories saying ‘No’ to building 350 homes in Ascot and developing in the Green Belt was refused unanimously by Royal Borough Councillors. The implications for Ascot Centre provide a prime example of our serious concerns about overdevelopment in our area.
NEIGHBOURHOOD PLANS: The Ascot, Sunninghill and Sunningdale Neighbourhood Plan has continued to play a key part in protecting the local area from inappropriate development. Now, the prospect of its being overruled by policies in the emerging Local Plan is a very serious concern. Work continues on preparing the Neighbourhood Plan for Winkfield.
A really good turnout is expected for our AGM at this prestigious venue, so please would you let me know if you will be able to attend. In the meantime, I look forward to seeing you at the AGM.
Patrick Griffin, Chairman, 11 Pinecote Drive, Sunningdale, SL5 9PS; Telephone: 01344 627469; email