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 Ocean Theatre's  April show, Legally Blonde, at the LVS Ascot,  ran from April 12th to 14th and was a huge triumph  ...Ocean Youth Theatre Company is always looking for talented teens to join their exceptional company.  Rehearsals for their next production - Little Shop of Horrors (to be performed from November 1st to 3rd) - start on April 27th   See JOIN OCEAN

 Ocean Theatre's  will hold a 10th anniversary Gala Concert, celebrating 22 previous productions, at South Hill Park on Friday July 26th.

New! Music Theatre Dance Class

Saturday's 11:30-12:30pm during term time.

The first of our new ventures begins with a sensational session with our Choreographer Georgina Smith! These will be a weekly hour long sessions where Georgie will be working on various routines over a period off several weeks.

These are open to ANYONE aged 13 years and over.

It's a lot of fun and a good way to develop dance skills, try new moves and have some fun without the added rehearsal pressure. We aim to have an informal showing of the pieces at some point.

We have had CARDS printed which can be used like loyalty cards and can be used at any time and don't have an expiry date, so you can miss a session and there's no loss.

These can be puchased in advance.

A card for 5 sessions is £40 (£ 8 each class)
A card for 10 sessions is £70 (£ 7 each class)
Individual sessions are £10 each.

email dance@oceantheatre.com to register / purchase cards.