Rosa Townsend MSc. Paediatric Osteopathy., B.Ost., Med., ND., YTD runs a general yoga  class starts at 8.30 a.m. Saturday mornings, followed by pregnancy yoga starts at 9.50 a.m. Saturday mornings  Both classes take place at the North Ascot Community Centre on Fernbank Road, North Ascot. It is best to check with Rosa to ensure there is a class running on the day that one might want to attend. The classes cost £9 pay as you go . For more information contact Rosa on or 07503 157009


General Yoga Class

The general yoga class allows each person to control the level of effort that they want to exert. As a general class, it uses classic yoga postures to help stretch tight muscles and help strengthen weaker muscles.

Breathing and concentration are entwined to help each person gain an awareness of where
they hold their tension and how to release it.

This is a yoga class to suit all levels. Anyone can take part cialis however, should you have a medical condition it is very important that you inform me before signing up.

Pregnancy Yoga

This Pregnancy yoga is tailored to help each mum gain control of her breathing whilst synchronising the breath with her pelvic floor in order to prepare for labour.  We use fit balls to help loosen the pelvis and lower spine, we stretch what's tight, and we strengthen what's weak. Self awareness and breath control increases with each class and further enhances mental and physical preparation for birth.


You don't need to have done yoga before. You just need to be pregnant !


Bring a Matt, a pillow, water, and wear comfy clothing. Best to email Rosa first! 








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