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On Monday 30th September, Papplewick year 7 boys departed for Maison Claire Fontaine the French language and activity trip specialists based in the beautiful Burgundian countryside in France.  The boys’ language skills were put to the test at the  Aire d’Asseviliers in the Somme region where the boys chose between jambon frites (ham and fries), steak haché and Cabillaud sauce blanc.

They were separated into  4 groups on arrival: Époisses, Dijon, Vezelay and Avallon (all names of local towns and villages  in the Burgundy region)and enjoyed a range of activities such as archery where the boys equalled the best score since 2013,  tree adventure, cookery, a visit to  the chateau of Bussy-Rabutin, and kayaking whilst improving their French language skills  throughout the activity programmes.On the eve of their departure, the boys enjoyed a drama afternoon to demonstrate how  much knowledge they had gained throughout their stay.Maison Claire Fontaine nominated ambassadors which match the  Papplewick values - namely enthusiasm for life, contribution to the  community and above all kindness to others.

The boys proudly named as ambassadors were Dylan Deegan, Hugo Suvansarang and Marcus Fearnhead. Tom Bunbury Headmaster said  "This is a popular annual trip for our year 7 boys to enhance their French language skills  and enjoy all the activities on offer plus sampling some French cuisine."


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Princess  Square :: Bracknell 

A multi-million pound makeover of Princess Square will start this month (October) as the latest stage in Bracknell town centre’s regeneration gets underway. The comprehensive programme will transform Princess Square into a modern, light, bright and airy centre to house new brands, as well as give many of the current stores a brighter, lighter new space from which to trade. 

Once work is complete, anticipated to be in Spring 2020, customers can expect to see new escalators and lift lobbies, an impressive ceiling space with feature lighting, new customer seating  and toilets and overall a brighter and more welcoming environment to shop, eat and relax.

The next major milestone in Bracknell town centre’s regeneration was secured following the signing of a legal agreement earlier this year between Bracknell Forest Council and its development partner, Bracknell Regeneration Partnership (BRP) – a 50/50 joint venture between Schroders UK Real Estate Fund and Legal & General Capital.

The new look Princess Square will provide customers with the perfect blend of convenience and destination shops and eateries, as a natural extension and next phase of the regeneration of the town, which saw the launch of The Lexicon just over 2 years ago.


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Shoppers entering the Ascot High Street Sainsburys on Sunday, were astonished to find the veg aisle more like a dance floor! Choosing groceries was a whole lot more enjoyable than usual, thanks to live music from top West End artists  - including singer songwriter - Colin Roy, Bonita and Gary Chilton, formerly of The Soldiers ( who gave their time free of charge). There was also family fun, with face painting and a raffle.

Sainsburys ia celebrating their 150th anniversary and the recently-opened Ascot hop has been supporting the War Horse Memorial  Purple Poppy Appeal.for several months . As a result, a large cheque was presented to Co-founder-  Ascot's Alan Carr MBE at Sunday's event!

Behind the performers stood one of the 100 maquette  mini versions of Poppy, the statue horse, who stands with her head bowed and ringed by barbed wire, on the Heatherwood roundabout. Number 1 maquette stands in Buckingham Palace, while Number 10 keeps an eye on the Prime Minister!

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IT ALL STARTS WITH A GOOD GRIP. By David Johnson, Lavender Park

Stand tall with your arms relaxed at your sides, look at your left hand and notice the position it’s in. Most peoples’ hands will turn in slightly, so the back of the left hand is at a 45 degree angle instead of lying parallel to the left leg. From this position, place the handle of the club in the fingers of your left hand along the creases created by the first knuckles. After you get it in the fingers, squeeze down the palm of your left hand on the handle, the left thumb should be slightly right of centre when you look down on the top of the handle.

Next, wrap the fingers of your right hand onto the handle and connect the lifeline of your right hand to the side of your left thumb. You are overlapping your little right finger over your left index finger. You should feel the hold down in your fingers and your wrists should feel very mobile and soft as you waggle the club in front of you. Try to ensure that the hands remain on the handle, don't let the fingers come away from this hold.

Why is it important for the grip to be in the fingers? Try taking a ball or a screwed-up piece of paper in your hand and throw it underhand into the waste bin. Did you hold it in the fingertips or the palm of your hand? Try both and compare, you will find more accuracy when you hold it in the fingertips.

As a check to ensure that your hands are in the correct position, look down as you’re holding the club to where the thumb and fore finger close together and create a line. This line is called a ‘V’ as both right and left should point-up to midway between your chin and right shoulder if your hands are correctly positioned.


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‘Learning together through love, friendship, forgiveness and faith.’

St Michael’s is a Church school, set in heart of the delightful village of Sunninghill. Following a recent SIAMS Inspection, our school was judged to be excellent. Visits to the school and a meeting with the headteacher, Lorna Anderton, are welcomed. If you are looking for a nurturing environment where all children flourish, please contact us. Further information about our kind and caring school can be found on the website:

St Michaels CE Primary School, Sunninghill Ascot, SL5 7AD

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In Ascot and the Sunnings, you can now recycle all your small electrical items and batteries alongside your other bins on collection day. Please put one small carrier bag of unwanted items such as irons, hairdryers, power tools on top or alongside your recycling bin.

Batteries can also be collected but please put them in a separate bag to the electrical items.

Please note due to demand, small electrical items and textile bags may be collected by an additional team as well as by the recycling crews.


Items that can fit into a small-sized carrier bag. For example:

  • Kettles
  • Cameras
  • Toasters
  • Digi-boxes


Items that can fit into a small-sized carrier bag. For example:

  • Any items too large for a carrier bag
  • Lightbulbs

More information on the new small electricals recycling service can be found on .


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16 very intrepid Year 8 Papplewick explorers enjoyed the wonders that Iceland had to offer on a Geography tour at the end of September. Highlights included whale watching in Reykjavik, trekking on a glacier, and being able to see the 4 tallest geysers in the world. They visited the Lava Centre where epic forces of nature are on full display in a high-tech, interactive educational exhibition depicting past and present volcanic activity, and surrounded by some of Iceland's most infamous volcanoes including Eyjafallajokull - the volcano which caused chaos in 2010. They also were lucky enough to visit Iceland's most famous Waterfall, Gullfoss (The Golden Waterfall located on the mighty glacial river Hvita. Amongst other delights the four day trip included the Krysuvik Mud Puddles, Gunnuhver Hot Springs, the Stampar Craters and an Ice Cream Farm.
Headmaster Tom Bunbury said " This was an amazing opportunity for our Year 8 geographers to see some of the most spectacular scenery and to learn about the science behind Iceland's powerful inner forces."


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