The children of St Francis Catholic Primary School in South Ascot are following a yellow brick road to stardom this year!

The year six children  premiered their production of “The Wizard of Oz” at the Rose Theatre, St Mary’s School, and were very excited at their transformation into Munchkins, flying monkeys and wicked witches.

Class teacher and director Lindsey Waller said, “The children have really risen to the challenge of this complex production. The improvement in their confidence has been immense and will stand them in good stead as they make the transition to secondary school in September.”

The production benefited greatly from the participation of St Mary’s School, who kindly lent their theatre for the performance. “We’re very grateful to the backstage crew of the Rose Theatre, who pulled out all the stops to create a fantastic set for our use, and we also really appreciate all the hard work of the mums who have given up a lot of their time to create props and costumes,” she added. “We also said a huge thank you to Sandra Parkyn, a parent of one of the actors, for sharing her dramatic expertise with the children throughout the production.”