Aam Afriyie at Hurst LodgeThe MP for Windsor, Adam Afriyie, visited Hurst Lodge School last Friday, March 4th 2011. 

 He spoke to students aged 4 – 19 and the staff about how he had become an MP and what it was like to be a Member of Parliament. 

Mr. Afriyie spent 40 minutes answering questions about a variety of topics from “Do you like being an MP?” to “Do David Cameron and Nick Clegg actually like one another?” and “How involved do you get in international politics particularly when British citizens are stranded abroad?”

He then toured the school accompanied by Sofia , a sixth former who is the School’s Head of Council.  Sofia has developed an interest in politics after putting the case for the Conservatives at the school’s political hustings during the election week. 

Sofia was responsible for organising the visit and liaising with Mr. Afriyie’s personal secretary.  School Principal Victoria Smit said “We were very grateful to Mr. Afriyie for giving up his time.  He has the gift of talking to young people in a manner that they easily understood and even the youngest children felt happy to ask questions.”