Charters School in Sunningdale has recently received a set of new rugby posts from Leading Outcomes, a local consultancy company that specialises in delivering projects, programmes and transformation activities to help businesses achieve their objectives.

The donation, which will support the development of grass roots rugby at the school, will benefit students from every year group.

The CEO of Leading Outcomes, Drew Davy, visited the school on Wednesday 11th September to meet some of the students who will benefit from the new equipment.

Drew said, “Leading Outcomes are pleased to donate a set of new rugby posts to Charters. The school has a strong tradition of supporting sports as part of the curriculum and has an impressive track record of sporting achievements. Leading Outcomes are proud to be a part of this heritage and wish the Charters rugby teams every success for the 2019/20 season.”

Year 9 student, Freddie Fenton said, “It’s great to have the rugby posts as we couldn’t practice conversions before.”

Head of PE, Mr Chris Wales said, “A huge thank you to Drew Davy at Leading Outcomes for the donation of the Rugby posts; a very kind gesture which will greatly benefit the development of Rugby here at Charters. I am hoping that with the new posts we can really move the Rugby forward here and make it a fundamental part of both the curriculum & extra-curricular activities.”