www.thameshospice.org.uk   JOB VACANCY

Fundraising’s Lament

Woe is us for Elaine has resigned!

Thank you letters so inclined,

Scanning Gift Aid Declarations,

A mailing preference for all occasions,

This workplace she defined....


Calamity and distress!

Letter punctuation will be a mess,

No longer thanked with empathy,

Understanding or sympathy

And sent to the wrong address.


Four years’ experience eclectic,

And never once a sceptic,

To be a Tour Guide is Fundraising’s end,

Leaving our grammar to descend

And with a backlog ever hectic.


Woe is us for Elaine has resigned!

How to sum up the Goddess of lines?

Expert with people, difficult to say

What heartfelt chasms of dismay

Befall those left behind.


So your application please do not delay

Apply through www.thameshospice.org.uk

By replacing Elaine

You’ll put us out of our pain

And help build a new Hospice at Bray.