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At Exact Kitchens of Wokingham, Berkshire, We have been designing and producing stylish kitchens since 1981. We are a family business who keeps everything in-house: our team can carry out every stage of your commission from start to finish, including drafting the original design, supplying the furniture and appliances, and finally fitting your kitchen ourselves – a job that most other companies outsource to someone else.

Because we take responsibility for the project management, you deal directly with us, confident in the knowledge that your new kitchen will fully meet your expectations and be suited exactly to your needs and preferences.

As a family firm, we take great pride in our workmanship, supported by the fact that our satisfied clients frequently then recommend us to others.

When you ask exact Kitchens to design and fit your new kitchen, you can be reassured that you’ll be dealing with a reliable team of experts who will make it their business to ensure that everything is done accurately to plan, and that every stage of your project is carried out by expert craftsmen who care about client satisfaction.

With one reliable point of contact throughout the project, you can be sure that any queries you may have will be dealt with by a skilled person who fully understands your requirements.

At exact Kitchens, we pride ourselves on our team’s comprehensive range of skills. At our initial consultation with you, you’ll see how we employ all of the latest technology, so that you can view different designs for your kitchen or bathroom and get just the result that you were looking for.

Our excellent modern designs are backed up by a firm knowledge of what will work best for you practically. We're not just designers – we’re also fully qualified plumbers, electricians and installers. And, as project managers, we ensure that all stages of the job are carried out efficiently and in the correct order.

At exact Kitchens, we believe that the personal touch makes all the difference.